Ananiya Alick Ponje

Dive Us Not - Poem by Ananiya Alick Ponje

Divide us not vulture
Though we are parrots, swallows, and crows
We are known to be one
Though our nests are attached to waterside reeds,
In mango tree foliage and meadows
We are all birds.
Though we don’t have the same fluff
We have more things that unite us as birds.
After all we belong to the same forest,
Then why should you be so bent at dividing us, vulture?
As you extol the virtues of unanimity
We would meekly ask of you
To partition us not your lordship vulture.
Though we are eagles, lapwings, and hawks
We are all identified by one universal name
That unites us each instance.
Stare not at the trees where our nests lay
For we can’t all have our nests in the same tree.
Though we don’t flock together,
We are united because we are all birds.
After all, we are all under your auspices, great vulture
Therefore leave us the way we were.
Don’t wreck us royal vulture
Don’t let the floor beneath our feet disintegrate
So that we get lost to the four winds
Where we will be intolerably crushed
But build us sovereign vulture
The great ruler of the bird realm.
Divide us not; unite us; love us and lead us
That perpetually we may stand unified.
Rule this great kingdom, king vulture
With wisdom, sober-mindedness and insight.
Though we are magpies, kites and ducks
We are all one under your rule.
Deem not the tone of our warbling voices
For we know that’s what makes you want to segregate us
But take pride, n-everlasting vulture
In this variety that prances in your kingdom.
As you rule, venerated vulture, Take to heart one thing
Your splendor is just an ephemeral glance.
Therefore divide us not.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 19, 2011

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