Divide And Fall Poem by Adrian Wait

Divide And Fall

Rating: 4.2

Stolen moments
Candles and stars
Precious illusions
Crucifix and bars
Islands of faith
Dreams leftover
Drowning alone
Or so it seems
In seas of pain
Shipwrecked hope
We search in vain
Upon the shore
An ear to listen
A heart to care
Not ism led and cold
All we find is deaf to hurt
Feigning more and sold
Unbridled tongue
Arrest your isms
Open your ears
Identify pretensions
Objective self-wisdom
Irons flat the promise
Deny these contradictions
Of life in its fullness
O vanity of vanities
Defend your isms
Cares return with the tide
Ignore the hurting
Betraying with pride
Never listening
Never seeing
Never knowing
Factions continue
I’ll play me
If you play you
Wearing the mask
Ambitions untrue
First manufacturing
Then defending
Ism after ism
Divide and fall
Observer or participant
Of Grinding Hope
Ignoring the call
To servanthood…
See others crushed
Pale and forlorn
Whilst you play on
Ism’ led and soulless
Ambition dances alone
Never risking…
Engaging or pausing
Too vulnerable to listen,
Too proud to cry
Too Afraid to stand alone,
Or speak out loud
Fearful to share
Stolen moments
Where truth lies, beware
You prefer to be
Safe in Holy isolation
Concealed indifference
With holy glow
Unaware of Disengagement
You just don’t want to know
world of hurt and unrest
Seeking to elude
Lost in your quest
You invent and reinvent
In and through your isms
A God,
the concept
Of your fears,
In your own image
You disarm Him,
tame Him
and shame Him
A comfortable pet
Under your control
A Friend to your ism’
Measure by measure
Isms and we
Divide and fall.

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