Don’t Forget To Breathe Poem by Adrian Wait

Don’t Forget To Breathe

Acid red
Deep oxygenised red
Tell tale echoes
Of my past
No passive retreat of life
Cascade of light to dark
Early morning nightmares
Thunder in my eyes
Whispers linger in my ear
Today is the day, today is…
But what day is it
It escapes me, tumbles away
Sister morphine lying again
As the grass grows
Around my brain
Cold stark numbness
Arrests my feet, my feet
As in birth go before me
Time swirling through
Corridors of my brain
Like an half forgotten dream
That was worth coming true
Real is present in the now
Slipping through my fingers
Time is the concept
By which we measure our journey
Quality and depth remain hidden
Until now, now we see its purpose
Real, doesn’t matter any more
Too much information
Slower please I need to see
Visiting memories glide
Through my vision
So many windmills defeated
Some left unscarred
Trivial heated exchanges
Bruised and bleeding
Broken in the wings
Unspoken words echo
Dimmer now for lack of verse
Undiscovered country awaits
Brings silence, fading
Nothing is nothing
Something is…
Life is…Death is…
The unknown is only
Unknown until known
Enjoy the journey, and
Don’t forget to breathe

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