Divorce Poem by Nel Omofolarin


Have you ever been nigh?
Where cupid hugely allures
Ever seen the prime-heiress
Where Venus richly enchants
Ever seen them lust-birds
Where nuptial-tie fastens?
Thundering applause oft scare them to falter and relapse
But wit that lingers, their lot seldom abhors
To hastily rekindle pallid embers that grooms
Forsaking what a jocund blunder their coexistence could entice
They oft affirm a merry march to the alter
From heightened enthused stir, they oft glow
While on their fond breast, the nuptial toil hoax
They sink in nights, nigh honey moon
They wake near dawn, where sun-boos
Their love, an opera
A solo, enkindling its complex ways
Augury of vilest conjugal rhythms
Coaxing diminuendo, near its crescendo
Lost in labyrinth trail of its enduring vastness
They met at amid strife at gunpoint
Torrents of discords fraught their fecund minds
Hopelessness to a weakly upright ally besieged
As pain worn their sensitive breasts for cynics
Enchantments to a rueful union lend
Yet, neath lean breeze of their conjugal excentricity
Hung flimsy hope haunted by festering sail of strife
So sudden, they writhe in falls
Hasty emotional clambers
At a mile, so extreme
Byes become inevitable
Bitter memoir of creed extorted at love-kirks
And promises broken at jilt-points
Simulates aversion at guilt points
Their tale, a pervasive ill
An emotional bargain, too ill-explained
Afterwards receding into in-exhaustible chaos
They sure must have been
The sickest of all dysfunctional psychopaths
Who knew lust from Ate
Yet got lured and lost in her Lores
Over the Gemini spread lay an uncouth gaze
Foreboding the homecoming of a love turned-hate
Grandeur shall with unscathed hilarity, muse their lot
Where they stray, lust and love apart
Pity at my breast well for Europe
Whose home had turned houses
The stallion mounted Sahara nigh civilization
But, has left his siblings and dire-kins
Down eerie boulevards, unkempt castles
Where unkind emotion divides

This work focuses on divorce and all its melodrama..... With Europe a sad mention as Eastern Europe leads in world divorce cases....written June 20,2007
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