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Dumb dukes distort dignified doctrines
Desecrates divinely distinct districts
Daily decimates definite dashing destinies.
Dear dimwitted, deftly-daft dudes,

Winter's worthy ways wrestle with wonders
Worry wheedles where whippy willows whee
Weird wistfulness wooing wintry winnows
Whittled where worn-out wills wilt


I am writing my way to fame
And thy gentle eyes are my keen witness
Albeit, thou barely know I own a merry name
On this glyph abounds a furnished credence

Odes to an astute icon
Who in a merry reckon, I beckon
Who milked me up as wise meek
Amid wanton inane creek

Remind me
Of promises, i left unkept
Lest i kindle a rage that burns beyond my age
Remind me

Wish them bliss
Whose fellowship is with our lady of snow
Rich harvest to bestow their bounty
Who abode with food basket of the Empire

Of all mental arithmetics
Sanity woos in its standard form
Insanity like an unkempt quadratic
In its most-extremest complexity


You crawls my crest in wandering ache
Thy thuds wean hopeful remnants of my strength
Boiling my blood in topmost Fahrenheit
Maimed, you would wish I be

I am a nut
In a shelled-case
Left to woo an impossible flourish on tiled floor
Where water nor loam cheers in growth


We must travel from darkness to light
To unravell the myth of our journeys from light back to darkness
Yes! Sun and moon must stir same field in dissimilar shines
Sun's darling shine, to cheer lilies to one happy growth

My looks might call me one
But I am no saint!
I have my darknesses
Judge me!

You and I
Have scores to settle
Yet, I gift you grace that stretches eternal
To wilily wander over vast emotional wastelands


In the winks of time
We bake each deciduous decades of life
In the twinkle of age
Beauty weighs little less than beast


Over all eerie and fairies,
Sun's generous fountain ably rays.
Through purple-thatched, grey-patched cumulous bounties,
Various wanton mysteries eternally rains.


Under the guides of most-stringent surveys
Licence my tragedies a breathe
Where nemesis most ardently appends
All I ask heavens above be

He used to be like a rising sun
Stunning a promise of brightness
At dawn
Like a fluorescent moon

Have you ever been nigh?
Where cupid hugely allures
Ever seen the prime-heiress
Where Venus richly enchants


Forewarned of how sudden they writhe in falls
Hasty emotional clambers
She yet wouldn't deprive herself of suave woos
But from charming woeful ends


I will go away
'till I find a way
Any one way might just do in the array
But where I pray

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Dumb dukes distort dignified doctrines
Desecrates divinely distinct districts
Daily decimates definite dashing destinies.
Dear dimwitted, deftly-daft dudes,
Thy despicable digression duly delineates dementia!
Daddy devil's dire disciple's delight.
Doesn't demo-crazy depict delimiting dauntless demotic delightfulness?
Democracy, a delusive, demagogic despotic demonstration?
Dialysis! denominators do dearly denounce despotic devout!
Demystify these dense desperate desultory designations
Detoxify its deadly, doctrinal diph-theric dispersion
Deploy diligent delegates, denouncing dippy deity in deafening decibels
Deposing the despot down-towards deep, dark dungeon
Disestablishing despotic democracy, a dictum disclosure of his demise

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Fabrizio Frosini 27 August 2015

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If a bite from my cake ever made you whole..., be grateful to God, not me!

Hate is a weird and an all-encompassing inferno which will burn your heart beyond repairs! Over accumulation of this negative energy is an easy path most people traveled to depression....rid your heart of hate💕

Normalize wishing me well...Wishing me evil is however tantamount to precipitating your own downfall. Cos things will only get better for me and that might be bad for your mental health! Why run yourself mad for my course? 💕

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Nel Omofolarin Popularity

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