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Do I Pick Her Or Her? - Poem by Austin Rush

I'm so confused,
O how it stings.
To be with one,
but others to bring.
to bring happiness,
she gave a squeal,
when she heard,
It was a deal, she started to dream,
of days that have never come.
I sit and think in pain,
of how much I love her,
but how much she makes me pain.
You think life would be easy,
but that's not the game,
the game is to be,
to be a maid.
A maid of the devil,
the devil is happy,
with this situation,
because he knows it makes me.
Makes me have to make up my mind between two,
but wait, time is out of date.
Tomorrow is the day, for the final decision,
I hope they both can leave,
without a collision.
I told myself, No more girlfriends, but then this happened,
and now it's cruel.
I think maybe, god did this for a reason, a reason for a lesson.
a lesson to prove, that i need, some time to think, but time has
ended, and now choices must be made. Whether I like it or not,
I must make a choice. One is pretty, and has all i want, but makes me
writhe in pain and under her command. The other understands my problems completed, is pretty and cute, but might move away from me,
to another state, i don't know how long i could wait. One says she'll wait for me, the other says the same. They both are friends, and like each other a lot, but one brings the other down a lot.
I'm thinking maybe if I break the cup, maybe I'll have less stress,
but then again, when is stress gone? I have so many stories, she won't understand, the other knows them all, and understands 100%. My life kinda depends, on either choice, cause one lends down one road, while the other does another. Two roads, which one to take, hurry up and make, make the decision, there getting inpatient, I might have to see, which may lead, the light in the future, and light today, yesterday was ancient history, tomorrows another day.
When I choose, I want to be, as happy as ever, and not guilty. So please god help, with this trap, this trap of love, and that's a fact.

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