Do Not Look For Me In The Stars Poem by Meraj Ahmed

Do Not Look For Me In The Stars

You mourn?
You weep? You cry over my departure?
You look for me in the stars?

Do not weep for I haven't left you yet.
Do not look for me in the stars
I am not that far from you.
Look for me in the places I told you to.

You miss me?
Then Do not weep for I am not in your tears
Smile and I will be there in your smile.
You want to hug me?
Then do not hug my photographs for I was never in them,
Come and sit near the shore,
and I will come running with the waves to hug you.
You want to touch me?
Then do not touch my unwashed clothes for they are not me,
Go look for the breeze outside, and I will come with them to kiss you.
You want to talk to me or tell me your stories?
Then do not come to my grave for I am not there,
Just be silent and I will listen to you,
For my home is not my grave,
My home is you.
You want to live with me?
Then do not die and come to heaven,
For you won't find me there too
Just breathe and I will breathe with you.

Monday, February 11, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love,death
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