Meraj Ahmed Poems

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The Lady With No Mercy

Sitting alone in thedark, Irecollected From night to the dawn
The sleepless night and the ferocious fright
Restless days and the harsh rays
That I may cease to live, oh Percy

I Know You Love Your Girl But

I know you love your girl,
And I know you love to hold her hand,
While she crosses the road,
You love to hold her tight,

Your Departure Taught Me That

So am I broken?
Have you left my heart broken, my soul shattered?
Do I cry, am I hurt?
Yes, I am, for I still miss you.

Do Not Bring Flowers To My Grave.

Do not bring flowers to my grave when I die,
Buy me a single rose on my birthday when I am still alive,
And that will be enough.

Fear And Not Honor, I Want From Thee, My Countrymen.

Fear and not honor,
I want from thee, my countrymen;
For love and honor,
In its greatest of forms too,

Do Not Look For Me In The Stars

You mourn?
You weep? You cry over my departure?
You look for me in the stars?

For This Is The Path To Your Soul

Things change, relations change
Attachments are made,
Attachments are broken
We smile, we cry

Hate: Love Gone Wrong

When hate first visited me, I was waiting for love,
I was writing digital greeting cards, I was daydreaming,
I was exploring new emojis, I was counting my abnormal heartbeats


So you do late night parties,
Sleep till 12 in the morning,
Eat whatever you feel like,

O Fellow Traveller

O fellow traveller!
Catch a glimpse of me
I, too, am walking with thee
Hold on, i am a bit slow, fellow traveller.

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