Do U Know? Poem by Thati pramod sai

Do U Know?

Whenever you are near
Melodies play in my ear
Something like a fear
I don't know what to say dear
I always wanna see u smile
Staring long for a while....

My world seems glowing
As time seems gracefully flowing
Whenever u r in my sight
I lay like a joyful crazy bright
Though I always wanted to say
How much u mean by the way
Awaiting that special second everyday
But I stay here like a dumb lamb in a bay....

U charm like a moon in the sky
No matter how tiresome I fly
Always ending like a tide in sea
Trying relentlessly to see
Js to hold ur hand forever be
No matter what decided by thee

It may be surprising to heed
To believe what I said indeed
U need not need a reason
As it's a matter of heart
N brain finds no facts to start

I don't know why
Js ur presence makes me fly
I'll never make u cry
I swear that it takes 1 St my eye
I'll never leave ur hand
Wish to see ur smile forever land....

Only to make you know
I vow to be in ur heart
forever truly livingly
sincerely honestly
lovingly wholeheartedly
and unfeignedly....

Monday, February 20, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and art,love and dreams,love and friendship,miss you
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