Do You Know Why I Love You? Poem by Damn Angel

Do You Know Why I Love You?

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do you know why i love you?
i love you cause i don't need for anything when i'm with you
i don't need to arrange my words when i talk to you
i don't need to close my shirt buttons or tauten my cravat
i don't need to find a way to attraction or excitation you
with you i breathed deep sigh
and may be i don't need the air
what i'm doing with it if my deep sigh between your lips giving me a thousand soul in my breath
do you know why i love you?
cause you are like the sea and i'm the sailor
'have you ever heard that a sailor abandon the sea'
i don't care if waves drive me to the lithosphere
i don't care if you throught me to my quietus
i don't care
i love you cause you have from the impossiele everything
with you i can feel in my life and i can taste my death
i love you
cause all perfumes mixed in you and i can smeel every roses in you
do you know why i love you?
it's my disteny to fall in love with you
it's not written in birthdate papers or on my forehead
even if you ask the fortune-tellers or by the constellation
do you know why i love you?
cause in your love i desert lying and i challenged the universe
your love was my case after that it became my fate
i love you
cause the sun was stealing beauty from the light in your cheeks
and the moon was nothing for me until i saw you
his beauty...
his charmed...
and my watchful all the night was entertaining me when i was faraway from you
i love you my girl
if they chosen me between you or i live for a thousand life
i will choose you between all the womans in the world to be my love.

Ashraful Musaddeq 16 September 2008

Wel justified in a poetic manner, love it.

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Trinity K 08 August 2008

lucky girl... to be loved like this...! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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