Grief Promise Me To Leave ' Part 1 ' Poem by Damn Angel

Grief Promise Me To Leave ' Part 1 '

It’s a conversation between my heart and my grief at the same time

My heart: you promised me in the last days that you are leaving me
My grief: I loved your spirit; I found my settlement and safe in it and I
Think I will stay forever
My heart: but you promised me, and here you are broken your promise to me
My grief: I felt that you always need me so I took eternal place inside you
My heart: I didn’t need you in fact I’m tired of your vicinage to me
My grief: no you didn't see anything from me until now, it's just the beginning
My heart: what's wrong with you, you always by my side? Why you prevent the happiness to get inside my heart? And if it came in, you you will gave her only five seconds why?
My grief: I used on your broken heart
My heart: isn't there another hearts to live in it why mine?
My grief: yes there is, but I (ardent love) your soul
My heart: please go away; go away, my yearning will kill me...
My grief: ask your self? Is it possible leaving a heart his desire grief?
My heart: find another me, there is a lot of hearts are waiting
My grief: I can't? Because I lived in a heart his beatings get used on me
My heart: please mercy my wounds
My grief: I’m sorry, but this is our life
My heart: mercy my tears, my eyes dry out cause of you
My grief: I can't leave you
My heart: my friends abandon me
My grief: then they are not your friends
My heart: they left me alone and broken sitting on your chair
My grief: don't worry you are the victorious
My heart: I miss them
My grief: they are not useful for you? Cause I reside in you when you know them

My grief controlling totally in my heart now

My heart: you are like the sword cutting me every time you come near, but I will be patient, yes I will be patient for you grief, I will...
My grief made a mockery laughing

My grief: the age rewarding me for this

My heart closed his eyes in a silent way... wait... there is a (happiness whisper) comes and cross me silently, but its mute cause the grief was controlling me totally.

happiness whisper: forgive me my friend i have no place between you, I’m died from along long time, I just came to see is grief still in your heart or he left you so I can take a place between your heart, forgive me my friend the grief is my master.

The conversation is so quiet and the calmness spread through them

My heart: don't leave me like that, come to me just for a moment I wanna taste your happiness that you got between your whispers.

Happiness whisper has left me in silent and quiet way

my heart: where are you my grief come to me, come to my heart that you used to be always, give me new promise, then may be you will reside in a heart for someone else me.
My grief: I will leave you just in one case? When I see the world opened his armful for happiness, love, and safe. In that time I want you give me the signal to leave you! !

My grief is killing my heart now

My grief: now I want you hear me your words about love that you kept torturing me in it
My heart: ok. You are the only one I’ve got now

Trust me
Cause I know the pain...
The pain is over here and over there,
Pain in my heart pain in my soul,
Pain in my skin pain in my bones...
Trust me
Cause I know the cold nights...
It’s when my heart freezing, my eyes clouded and I won't close it,
Cause I scared to see the darkness and fell the silence,
oh my God I’m closing my eyes, I can't take it any more ahhhh.....
Now I’m afraid to open it cause I don't want be alone again...
Trust me
Cause I know the loneliness...
It’s when I don't get to hear from you,
Loneliness when I know you are not here by my side,
Loneliness when I’m thinking silently about you...
Trust me
Cause I know my soul...
It’s smashed to three parts,
The first is happy,
The sec is sad,
The third is full of misery,
Ahhh... now I can fell in my soul,
Happiness was never meant for me...
Trust me
Cause I know my heart...
Scattered around...
Ahhh.... my heart is killing me...
My heart need to heal by some glue...
All of that because of.... ahah (keep chocking) .

My grief: enough, enough, what is all that! !
My heart: you put in me the eternal grief, you put in me the unceasing yearning, you put in me all the kinds of illusions and more, so take it it's yours....
My grief: I will leave you now my friend; I will leave you my friend.
But I want you remember that a part of me will stay in you forever…

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