horsie luver94

Do You Love Me?

Live the swell of your heart
Hear the beat of the drum
Feel that heat in your veins
You know this is love.

You wonder how it got there
That feeling deep inside
How it overtook you
It’ll take you on a life-changing ride

I get these day-dreams
Day after day
The love I feel for you
It blows me away

To a make-believe place
I know is not real
But regardless of that
It’s love that’s ideal

I don’t know if you love me
But know that my love is true
I wish I could show you
The way I feel about you

It’s never been fake
Honest and true
I wish you could understand
How I feel about you

It can’t be said in words
It’s not something you can see
But the feeling’s straight from my heart
Do you feel that way about me?

Show me how you feel
I really want to know
Cuz if you feel differently
It’s fine…I’ll just go…

Out of your life
And out of your way
So if you don’t love me
Then go ahead and say

It might hurt me inside
But love’s been known to kill
And while I won’t say it
I will love you still

Cuz you’re in my heart
And that’s where you’ll stay
Always present in my thoughts
It’ll always be that way.

Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 27, 2008

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