Do You Remember

Do you remember
the last 4 months
finding each other
no longer lost

Do you remember
holding me close
promising me
you loved me the very most

Do you remember
all of my fear
looking into your eyes
seeing it disapear

Do you remember
all that we were
your love for me
your promise
your words

Were they all just a dream
a vacation
from life

Do you remember
you said youd make me your wife

Cause at this moment in time
I dont think you do.

Punishing me
the one that loves you.
Instead of the other
who doesnt deserve you.

the one that wants to hold you
and make it alright
caressing your face holding you
through the night.

You have pulled far away
and I struggle to understand

Do you remember
what we had planed?

So we are back
where we were at the start

With you afraid to love
and hiding your heart

Convincing yourself
its better, ok

and me wondering what I did
to lose you this way.

Because I remember
all that we were
and all that you said

I refuse to believe
it was all in my head

So do you remember
all that we have seen

But most of all

Do you remember me....