If I Disapeared

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If I disapeared
how would you feel

Never speak a word again
for you to hear.

Never smile a smile
for you to see

Never touch my lips
never hear me near

If I disapeared
would you notice at all

If I disapeared
went far away

never to touch me again
what would you say

Can you fathom the thought
of it being so real

to loose a friend a lover
one you held dear

If I disapeared
would you feel relief
or would it hurt so bad
you could hardly speak

Life is so short
and so little time
to take what you have
and leave it behind

if I disapeared
what would be left
a memory of love
of what we both felt

Is that enough to live
to the rest of your days

So If I disapeared
not a word left to say

If I disapeared, would it be better that way...

Ray Quesada 09 October 2012

i like how in the stanza where you used left and felt to rhyme. Those words are anagrams of each other, and even though they don't rhyme, i still thinkn its very clever usage of language. originality is king in poetry. please feel free to comment or just read some of my poems! ! -rq-

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