Dog Or Cat

A dog is a man's best friend
Until the very bitter end,
He indeed is man's best and loyal pal
At man's enemy the dog will always growl.
He will stay obedient at man's side
Always with honor and also pride,
Even if his master doesn't have a penny to his name
The dog won't ever leave or walk in shame.
If the dog is forgotten to be fed
Still proudly the dog will hold its head,
Whether the dog's master is a male or female
The dog will always proudly wag its tail.
When man lays his head down to rest
The dog will rest his head upon the master's chest,
And when the dog's master passes away
At his side the dog wishes and wants to stay.

A cat is a different creature indeed
Unto it you seemingly must always heed,
It cares only for itself
As it sleeps and hides from everyone on the shelf.
The cat wants to be cared for and petted
If not, you are then quickly rejected,
And if you're starving and alone on the street
The cat will always find somewhere else to eat.
The cat won't proudly walk at your side
Instead it will leave you or go somewhere to hide,
And if you want to try to give your cat a kiss
The cat would rather scratch you, or give you a hiss.
When the owner of a cat dies
About you for pity the cat will meow and purr with its lies,
After prayers and to all a long informed chat
I now know that God has a dog, and the Devil has a cat.

Randy L. McClave

Sunday, September 6, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: cat,dog,god