Pithy Marvel

Doing What Is Wrong, Lovingly! (It Works) - Poem by Pithy Marvel

How much perfume
is required to
mask a dung heap?

Does the other political
party 'spin'
and twist data
and smile warmly

would you like
another cup
of sugar
in your poo soup?

How about chocolate
covered blood drops,
with a dusting of
powdered sugar?

Free lunch for kids! ! !
pizza, punch, chocolate milk,
and desert,
approved by the
California state nutritionists!

Yeah for recycling!
pay.10 per can
at the register
and return them
and get.05 back!

There is no cure for a virus,
but let's shoot up
the old folks with
witches brew
so they don't get
the Influenza Virus!
Throw a little mercury
in there, for shelf life,
for good measure!

Hey, let's force fluoride
in everybody's drinking water!

Heck, let's irradiate all
food the is alive still!
Why not put aluminum
in the soil?

How about the latest
gift to Amerika,
spray toxic fracking water
on the snow and dusty roads!

Pink ribbons everywhere!
We'll screw you with
zest and flare!

and don't
stop watching
your tv

and yeah obama!
'No more wars! '
You promised!

and who owns our money?

Enjoy the daily

Hegelian dialectic!

We've been duped!
(all with a smile)

Topic(s) of this poem: politics

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 18, 2016

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