Chuy Amante Poems

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~~woman~ Man's Greatest Gift! Worship Her!

You have been loved, but WORSHIPED I'm doubtful,
Kindness extended, and nice words just a mouthful?

Many have felt love, in the head or in their pants,

I Live Like A Dog

UP out of the slime of human existence
I live like a DOG without resistance

I see, hear, smell and sense what is NOW

Lovers Are Poets And Poets Are Lovers

The love of a poet always bursting forth
frosting the earth for all it's worth

A poet full of hate,

I'll Be Happy When... (The Big Lie)

Happiness is not hiding
but rarely is found
Happiness is abiding
only in the NOW

I'll Watch You Wrinkle, And Smile

I watched as you turned 40
now mature and lightly thicker

From the rear of your car

Super Lover~~ Michael Mcparland! ! ! ! (Rev.)

Dear Brother Michael
how do you do it?

your love brews a warm storm

~~the Love Notes End?

When did the romantic notes stop?

Did he buy your love
and then throw you on the top-

Crazy People Do Crazy Things

I got to thinking about all those people
who do crazy things! ! ! You know,
the ones that make the
news and the magazines

Daylight Is Here, Now What To Drink?

Whoever wakes first,
fake like you still sleep

So the other can get up

A Love, Most Real, To Die For (Nsa)

We chase love, all of our lives,
in case you are wondering, that is ALL of our lives.........

Do we do what it takes to earn it?

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