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You have been loved, but WORSHIPED I'm doubtful,
Kindness extended, and nice words just a mouthful?

Many have felt love, in the head or in their pants,

UP out of the slime of human existence
I live like a DOG without resistance

I see, hear, smell and sense what is NOW

The love of a poet always bursting forth
frosting the earth for all it's worth

A poet full of hate,

Happiness is not hiding
but rarely is found
Happiness is abiding
only in the NOW

I watched as you turned 40
now mature and lightly thicker

From the rear of your car

Dear Brother Michael
how do you do it?

your love brews a warm storm

When did the romantic notes stop?

Did he buy your love
and then throw you on the top-

I got to thinking about all those people
who do crazy things! ! ! You know,
the ones that make the
news and the magazines

Whoever wakes first,
fake like you still sleep

So the other can get up

We chase love, all of our lives,
in case you are wondering, that is ALL of our lives.........

Do we do what it takes to earn it?

What happens to a soul who is 'Illuminated'?
Anger, sadness, fear, pride completely abated

When such energies exit, a vacuum is created

Hey! Gimme yer key good-lockin!

Do we open or need to be opened?

the sugary bliss
that springs forth
from your mouth
has a freedom flavor

Why does desire
Hold one mesmerized
Yet, happily joined?

whilst pondering
my last comment to
my fellow earthlings

All of the presents under the tree
there for you and some for me
all of them mean so little in May
let's change the tradition

As a servant girl to a King
I just had a damsel well serve me

As grapes to my royal mouth

I love all poets, who need love.

You are amazing, sent from heaven above

'they' set the rules
'they' control the FORCES
police and military, and markets!
'they' are playing with the weather

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NO RIGHTS RESERVED, it is yours, ours? God's? It is free, take it, use it, curse it, burn it! WARNING: I can't sell it and you can't earn it. I know at times writing moves thru me, I try to surf with it. If God wills it, it will arrive in hands, minds and hearts as a blessing~ The trash can is fine too. I get up with a huge-suspicious-never-ending smile: - Movimiento es)

The Best Poem Of Chuy Amante

~~woman~ Man's Greatest Gift! Worship Her!

You have been loved, but WORSHIPED I'm doubtful,
Kindness extended, and nice words just a mouthful?

Many have felt love, in the head or in their pants,
But have you had love, that was a perpetual God dance?

Worship is a strong word, today kind of rare,
An old word, sounds lofty, and full of hot air?

I'm here on Earth,
as a god I do stand!
Here to re-educate women
and especially man!


Woman was made to be held up, toward heaven above,
to be valued and polished, as fine gold- pure love!

ALL of her thoughts, her movements, her actions,
ALL miraculously perfect, angelic attractions!

Her thoughts and her words, channeled from Source,
Her ideas, feelings, gestures, perfectly on course!

Her heart is the Avatar we need to gently uncover,
Not nice meat, but GOD expressed as Holy Mother!

She's not a human animal to be caught and then slaughtered,

So dear man beast, where does that put you and your feelings?
Chasing female animals on the range, or at her altar kneeling?

If you only could SEE her godliness and true grace,
You'd come home from the range, repent and embrace!

Throw down flower petals in her holy path,
never direct toward her, your nasty wrath.

Bow at her feet, her life is a living altar divine,
give into feminine wiles, leave your realm of swine.

Make her bed, fold her clothes, wash her dishes,
give and keep giving into all of her wishes!

Think not that you have to carry her along,
for service to God can only be celestial song!

Long will your days be, and full of her grace,
Her ways will change you, behold her soft face!

Her love will conquer you, unite nations and more,
Unfathomable bliss, impossible not to love and adore!

Worshiping women will always pay thee well,
Making life on Earth a perfect Heaven not hell!

Go! Buy her chocolates, earrings and clothes,
bask is God's grandest gift, it is YOU she chose!

Chuy Amante Comments

Neela Nath Das 14 September 2014

Monk E.Biz is very creative.He knows how to play with words.I must say, To write like Monk E.Biz Is not a thing one can do Smoothly or with ease. He juggles with feelings Like a conjurer........ A bright star of poemhunter.

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Rajnish Manga 15 December 2014

I have read some of your poems and have been extremely delighted by your selection of the subject, judicious use of the language and the mastery over the craft. Will I ever be able to meet you in black & white.

7 1 Reply
Sandra Feldman 11 August 2015

A true human being, Great and bold, Turning special thoughts Into poetic gold!

1 3 Reply
Zoila T. Flores 19 April 2014

Flash Bulb, you have a nice flow of thoughts in your poems. And I believe you speak perfect Spanish, I can tell on your comments. Thank You for taking a look of my poems.

3 1 Reply
Nassy Fesharaki 22 April 2014

A great work of

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Bri Edwards 03 August 2019

Chuy, Chuy, Chuy, no messages do you allow? I'll get around that PH note, send you one anyhow. The beagle pup does look so darn familiar, you know, but it's got no collar (or does it?): if it does, your name don't show. bri ;)

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 01 September 2017

You are a great poet, rich with sensibility, love for the whole world, and a unique art of writing. Thanks for the poem..As the River flows. I loved your poetic being at the first reading. Keep this trend up.

1 1 Reply
Esteban Arellano 15 February 2017

O you SOB! And I mean it with the utmost respect. You know it's the Ghost, the Spirit. All I know it's Holy... Peace, my brother.

1 1 Reply
Krystal Vincent 21 September 2015

Your amazing

2 1 Reply
Krystal Vincent 21 September 2015

Hey your welcome n thank you for messaging me back it wouldnt let me message u back anyways hope all is well for u

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Chuy Amante Quotes

Procreation is for Sex

Ugh, be good .............

'I'm as happy as a stoner at a Mexican food buffet! '

MONEY is just one POOR option

Using money is one poor option.

There is no real self, and I love you. (thanks sean)

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Chuy Amante Popularity

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