Chuy Amante

NO RIGHTS RESERVED, it is yours, ours? God's?
It is free, take it, use it, curse it, burn it!
WARNING: I can't sell it and you can't earn it.

I know at times writing moves thru me,
I try to surf with it.
If God wills it, it will arrive in
hands, minds and hearts as a blessing~
The trash can is fine too.

I get up
with a huge-suspicious-never-ending smile: -

Movimiento es
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From the rear of your car
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Happiness is not hiding
but rarely is found
Happiness is abiding
only in the NOW
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Bri Edwards 03 August 2019
Chuy, Chuy, Chuy, no messages do you allow? I'll get around that PH note, send you one anyhow. The beagle pup does look so darn familiar, you know, but it's got no collar (or does it?): if it does, your name don't show. bri ;)
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Subhas Chandra Chakra 01 September 2017
You are a great poet, rich with sensibility, love for the whole world, and a unique art of writing. Thanks for the poem..As the River flows. I loved your poetic being at the first reading. Keep this trend up.
1 1 Reply
Esteban Arellano 15 February 2017
O you SOB! And I mean it with the utmost respect. You know it's the Ghost, the Spirit. All I know it's Holy... Peace, my brother.
1 1 Reply
Krystal Vincent 21 September 2015
Your amazing
2 1 Reply
Krystal Vincent 21 September 2015
Hey your welcome n thank you for messaging me back it wouldnt let me message u back anyways hope all is well for u
2 1 Reply
Sandra Feldman 11 August 2015
A true human being, Great and bold, Turning special thoughts Into poetic gold!
1 3 Reply
Karin Holloway 04 August 2015
Jeeze, well put. Some bits I hadn't thought of before. Say, Mr Nobody, I'm creating a poetry app for commuters - all for free, no money involoved and all rights retained - which should give a wider audience for our works. It's a Poetry Pub. Interested? I'd like this poem for the pub - what pub offering would it be?
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Michael Mcparland 24 December 2014
You are a wonderful poet and even more so a wonderful person my brother. Your work is filled with love and beauty and very unique. You are truly a great artist and man.
6 1 Reply
Rajnish Manga 15 December 2014
I have read some of your poems and have been extremely delighted by your selection of the subject, judicious use of the language and the mastery over the craft. Will I ever be able to meet you in black & white.
7 1 Reply
Neela Nath Das 14 September 2014
Monk E.Biz is very creative.He knows how to play with words.I must say, To write like Monk E.Biz Is not a thing one can do Smoothly or with ease. He juggles with feelings Like a conjurer........ A bright star of poemhunter.
9 1 Reply
Robin Strand 15 July 2014
Thank you my brother, for your wonderful messages, I'll take them with beautiful egocentric delight. Now I must go back into the black light. Peace.
3 1 Reply
Cheryl Griffith 09 July 2014
Thanks much appreciation
3 1 Reply
excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem
3 1 Reply
Sandra Feldman 05 May 2014
This Lovable LifeZentirety, Is some one I do adore, Being friends is not a chore, Blitz, Enlightened, very bright, He's a poet's true Delight. Period.
3 1 Reply
Nassy Fesharaki 22 April 2014
A great work of
3 1 Reply
Zoila T. Flores 19 April 2014
Flash Bulb, you have a nice flow of thoughts in your poems. And I believe you speak perfect Spanish, I can tell on your comments. Thank You for taking a look of my poems.
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