Amanda Hiscock

Don'T - Poem by Amanda Hiscock


Don't look down on me because I didn't get showered or dressed for a few days.... At least I got out of bed.

Don't think I don't care about you because I cancelled plans with you.... I'm just not feeling strong enough to face the world today.

Don't think I'm a bad mother because I didn't play with my kids today... I just couldn't get the joy I need to play a game.

Don't think I'm overreacting when I cry or get angry for no reason.... sometimes I don't understand what I'm feeling but I have to let it out some way.

Don't tell me to cheer up because everything is going to be ok....I tell myself that everyday but most of the time I don't believe me.

Don't tell me I'm lazy because my house is a mess.... I know it is, Sometimes I just don't care.

Don't make it obvious that you think you're better than me.... Because I already feel like I'm worthless most days.

So the next time you feel like I'm being anti-social, mean, dramatic, or lazy. Just don't. I may need your strength to help me through that week, that hour, that minute, that second..

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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