Don'T Belong Here Poem by Christina Phan

Don'T Belong Here

We all have somewhere we belong
I been waiting to know where my place is
I know one place for me and is New Jersey
Coming here change my life so much
I just feel like I
Don’t belong here
I just want to leave here forever
After I made my mistakes
Everything change that I never picture will happen and what I have done
I didn't expect any of this
I never learn from my mistakes and just keep doing
People keep blaming me, giving me dirty looks, and stared at me
When someone told something to them, rumors spread about me all the time
It never end and puting me down
I’m so sick of this people and this town
I didn’t mean to do any of this on purpose
I just couldn’t made up my mind
I don’t belong here
These people are jerks and just act nice because they feel sorry for me
I feel sorry for them too
I’m just annoy and tiring by all this going on
I try and put all my strength into it
There is nothing else I can do to make this people think different of me
It the best if I leave and leave all this memories behind that I don’t want to remember
I just feel like I
Don’t belong here

Christina Phan

Christina Phan

San Jose, Califorina
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