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After all
We been through
I'm sorry

We are all beautiful and
Different in our own way
You should be happy with your beauty
You shouldn't care what other people say, because it make you have low self-esteem

Tomorrow I'm
18 years old
I been waiting for this all my life
I get to do what I want and now I’m free

Let rain fall down
Wake me up
Wash my dreams away
I'm coming home

Don't leave me
I have to wait for you to come back
I will miss you too much
When you leave me I be depression

Never frown, when you're sad because you never know who may be falling in love with your smile
Deep inside you know there is someone special to be with
Never change yourself just for guy/girl because there is other fish in the sea
You don't need a boyfriend/girlfriend to be happy because

I can't believe it went by so fast
Now is time to go
Back to school
I'm not ready, but I have to get through this

1. I love your beautiful brown eyes
When I look in your eyes
I see love between us and sparks
I see connection between us

There is so much pollution, garbage, and electric use
We need to stop or something bad going happen to planet and us, so we all need too
Go green
Let's recycle, reduce, and reuse

I feel so
What am I supposed to do with you
I love and hate you

Come on everyone
Let's go
It' time for a
Dance Party

My heart has been hurt so much from you and other people who hate me
I hope one day
God will heal my broken heart
I pray day after day I be ok again

When things is going horrible and
The way you think expect to happen
Then you need to start
A new begin


I don't want you to disappear
Baby you keep me up in the air
The way you do

I'm happier when you left
I'm learning to love myself more and I become less confused
At this point I understand what I want and what is right for me
I know there is someone out there for me who appreciate me and love me for who I am

After all pain and suffer you been put tooo
Give love another try
I promise you that I won't let you fall down
Take my hand and take this chances while we can

You are leaving me, so
Don't speak to me
Anymore and just walk out the door
Just leave and please don't look back

We can't act like nothing happen last year and hide it
Gravity will caught up to us
I wish we can meet each other
I know you think I'm annoy, but this

This summer been tough, but
After all days I spent crying,
I realized that I need to
Draw a line right there

Out of every guy
Could you be the one?
Who was always by myside to protect me and help me up everytime I fall down
No matter what happen to me

Christina Phan Biography

I'm 20 years. I love to write poetry, shop, go mall and have fun. I begin writing in 8 grade when i have to write for my principal n its call lonely girl n he, my class n my teachers luv it n at tht moment I want to kept writing poetry. its fun to expressed n show my feelings. I'm smart, fun, shy, sweet, nice, chitchat, n mean to people who mean to me or get on my last nervous or put me in that postition where I'm going be mad or yell at them. Im one of those girl who look for someone to love n if a guy want to be with me, then they must treat me right, like me for me, just have fun no matter where we go out when we date. I will always love him n wont cheat or hurt him b/c Im not tht girl. I like to talk, have fun, and hang out with people. So if u dont like me then who cares. lol just jk. I have my ups n downs, but i can do it n hold on. This year in school be amazing in begin, but at end I realized things n wonder y n so confused. So if u want to meet me or talk just dont be afraid to go up b/c i wont hurt u. If u like me just tell me b/c I wont say no b/c I realized tht I should like guy for who they r n not their looks.)

The Best Poem Of Christina Phan

Because Of You

After all
We been through
I'm sorry
I never talk to you and wait too long
My chances are over because you move on
Because of you
I feel guilty
You were happy and smiling
Because of me
I wish I can go back to that day and make it right with you
To show you that I'm a different girl that you would have date, talk to you and give you a chance
I'm sorry
I hope you are doing ok
I wonder how your life is going
Now I play on safe side, so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I can't get back on my feet
How am I suppose to move on
I know that you are sad on inside
You probably think I was the one for you, but
Now it's too late because you are dating someone else
What is the point of even trying to get you back, prove to you that I won’t do it again, and
Give us one more chance to do it again
I think we are better off not dating
You need to trust me on this
I cause you a lot of pain already
Now it’s time to go our separate ways and no looking back
We need to forget the past and each other
Because of you
I can't be myself anymore
Because of you

Christina Phan Comments

Lycko Chizo 25 July 2009

She's very young. But dont understimate her age. Because at a young she writes like a pro! Such a talented young poet!

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Steven Pimentel 11 July 2009

i love that you write poems & hey im 17 teen too.. im trying to let people know about this teenage life.. read my poems & i bet you will relate.. comment plz.. thx yOu

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