Don'T Know Who I Am Poem by Alyssha Middleton

Don'T Know Who I Am

pretending to be someone
im not
for so long
and being fed up with it
so telling myself
im going to be the real me
the one thats always upset
the one that never laugh or smiles
the one that accepts
its her against the world
and nothing will change
instead of
laughing and smiling at nothing
and always lying about how i feel
making up a wonderful life that i live in
where i have everything
but when i try to be me
the real me
i always fall back into the habit
of pretending
but the days i dont
fall in this habit
apparently i'm a attention seeker
and a liar
and no body likes me
so i go back to pretending
and thinking to myself
is this who i am now
someone who pretends
and someone i know nothing about

Josephine Collett 08 September 2012

I think the real you shines through your poetry alyssha. You are very expressive of your feelings and honest. I have read many of your poems and while I will not comment on each, have enjoyed reading them and hope you continue to write and develop your promising skills. You have excellent phrasing and rhythm and like all genuine poets, you write from the heart.

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