Don't Leave Me Too Quickly Poem by Peitho Enthermos

Don't Leave Me Too Quickly

You drove me crazy

You made me wild

You loved me as a lady

And suddenly, a child.

You plied gems to my gloom

You painted me the Starry Night

But leaving me too quickly,

You're the shadows behind me when up, I light

You stopped my time from running

And stole the moon, traded it for day

Stopping the Earth from turning;

And leaving me, shouldn't you stay?

You could have chosen daffodils, sunflowers, dandelions,

carnations, orchids, or best, the rose!

But leaving me too quickly hurts,

For you chose me- - the grass! Instead of those!

You held my hand in a while that felt eternal

Attempting to put my world back together

For the love of humanity, you're leaving me too quickly!

Oh, sweet dearly! I held your hand longer!

You made dungeons sunny, and my life, funny...

One day, hoping I will be strong.

But you're leaving me too quickly!

Isn't this too, wrong?

You nurse my wounds,

despite knowing you can't have me.

I can't have you, either.

That's why you're leaving me too quickly.

I have loved you now

and darling, this hurts the most- -

You're leaving me too quickly:

once been found, the next, I'm lost.

Thursday, April 2, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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