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Dream - Poem by william cunningham

You gotta follow your dream
Even if you don't keep clean
Just learn to go with the flow
Even if it is slow
Its better than failing
And then having all the complaining
Its just irritating
So stop getting frustrated
Because your gonna have to face the fears
Just don't make it turn into a race
Because there's so many people with pace
Think about yourself as an ace
Standing on top
Where you are afraid to drop
Because its along climb back up
But you can take a cup
And have a brake
Just don't forget to take the income
Someone better role the drums
Because I'm en-route chasing my dreams
To accomplish an unthinkable lifeline
Because I'm expected to sit on the sideline
But not this time
Because I'm heading for my dream
Its beaming in my eyes
The pressure is running through my thighs
And its making me chase
I want to close this case
Because its as big as a maze
I don't really understand this place
But I'm just following my gut instinct
An that is I'm en-route to my dream come true
I'll be there by early May or september
But I'll remember
The dilemma
Don't worry
Soon it will all be better
The situation is becoming calmative
Its like I'm on a round about
My capacity time is running out
People have told me to stop and count
But I've just bounced
Because I've announced
That I'm travelling
I'm not gonna eat chicken wings
Because I feel like a king
Because I ain't struggling
I'm a dream chaser
I ain't a pacer
But I'll race to the finish
As long as I don't have a guinness
Because its all about business
So there's no need for justice
Because I'm nearly there
I've nearly matched a pair
Because my dream is clear
I don't have no fear
I'm defiantly near
Because I can see the rankings
I'm now freaking
I'm still peaking
There's no cheating
Because my dreams completed
I got given a free tip
I feel like doing a front flip
But I might touch your bottom lip
I'm being nipped
I don't have a second clip
So I've split it in two
Fooling around saying woo
At the end of the week I feel like saying boo hoo
I've paid for new shoes
But you said we are so through
I can't believe you were telling the truth
Because it ain't like you to destroy a dream
I seem to be accusing
And its somehow turning into abusing
But I ain't losing
I'm in summer
I've got a flood
Someone better call the plummer
As I can relax and live my dream
Not having to go on main stream
Because I know that ain't me
Just hoping others can follow my example
And chase their dream
Until they feel free
Because I know they don't want to keep day dreaming
Because it feels like framing
Instead of making
So just go for it
Take it bit by bit
Just don't itch
Because your dream is more important
Just make sure you say family first
Because you want to forget the worst
Just don't make an outburst
Because your gonna thirst
So jump down and climb your way
Its a few years ahead of you
Dream chasing is harder than racing
Because your pacing yourself out
Weather or not it counts
So keep up to date
And watch the dream chase
Of Will and Kate

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