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Its time to take my last stand
As I see my options fade
I act fast
I take my stand

So some how I have a change of heart
But you think you were right from the very start
You just wanted us apart
I thought this was all made up in the dark

You may of left me for dead
But that didn't scar me
Not as much as the time you pushed me down the stairs
Making me fear the fact your so sweet but dangerous

All I wanted was you
I guess that you were never ready
You were always telling me you need more time
But then when he walked up to you your expressions changed

I'm trying to stay strong
But I've got to many weaknesses
I may look fine
To be honest I feel like I'm dying

Slow down
Take a stroll down town
Your gonna have to lose that frown
Because I'm good now


There's a four letter word
That I can relate to you
Because it is true
I ain't having a joke

It boosted my confidence
I thought it was a coincidence
That you know
But I guess people said it to see a show


You gotta follow your dream
Even if you don't keep clean
Just learn to go with the flow
Even if it is slow

I wish I could keep believing
But I can't now that I know you are gone
Maybe I'll have hope
But I remembered to have hope I need belief


One way of coping is having hope
Because if you don't have hope you don't have belief
Without belief
You are nothing

I can't believe that this moments been amazing
I thought you was phrasing
But you were saying
That you'll be playing

Everyone has their right to freedom
Even if they don't have intelligence
They still can build an alliance
Because its a tough world

This is how it started
We've had so many party's
Maybe its time to depart
Because its taking us apart

I can make this rhyme
But its like telling you the time
When your telling me your fine
I'm telling you I'm being kind

Its an unknown emotion that I have for you
Whenever I see you I start acting antisocial
Making me feel dozy
Like I'm a magician

In the gazing moon light that reflects the stars
Shining my wish of life upon me
I've been told that only if I follow the steps that have been planted I would claim the right of my wish of life
So as long as this wish of life continues to be my destiny

History may repeat
So I may keep my rage
But I'm so young in this day
So I better stop stressing

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just a young teenager expressing his feelings through poetry :)

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Last Stand

Its time to take my last stand
As I see my options fade
I act fast
I take my stand
My last stand
The scene I didn't expect my last stand to be in
Because every human has been here
Its a place of history
Its a place of birth
Its a place of death
And its certainly a place of endings
Where I didn't expect mine to end
But I was told I was dead
So I thought I lost my head
People told me I was crazy
They said I was like a maze
A puzzle to solve
That nobody could resolve
So I took my last stand
I could barely stand
But I proved I am a man
And I'll push any problem in the sand
And I'll make sure I stay sane
So I know I'm not broken
Or ready to be buried
I told you I made my last stand
You didn't believe that it was
You thought I tried to kill myself
So I lost my faith in you
You would never believe
That's why I made my last stand last night
So I knew the sky wasn't shining bright
So I played it right
I succeed with revenge
I placed it in the bin
Because I knew I would win
No one was around to witness the facts
So I carried on making my stacks
Until I saw your face
You said I was a disgrace
But I told you that you misplaced me
So I gave you space
And took my last stand
And told the gang
Its over
I've over come my stress
I told myself before it was for the best
I stopped taking those drugs so I wouldn't be a mess
And now I feel the last stand was meant to be
He fled as fast as a cheetah could run
He never took his gun
So he made the last stand happen
The place
South bank
The time
3: 37am
The date
September 4th 2013
The death
Bloody and disgusting
3: 48am
The ending
4: 59am
The history
My last stand

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