Dream Dancers Poem by Wendell Belden

Dream Dancers

The floating dance floor on Lovers Lake is out in the middle of the Lake and on this enchanted evening was lit by only the Moon and Stars and with its shinning floor and the calm lake breathtakingly reflecting them it seemed, it felt like, it was floating among those very Stars.

Then there on one side of the floor a beam of light shined down and into it….you stepped. Your smile as radiant as the very Sun coming over a snow covered mountain, your eyes sparkling like a hand full of diamonds and wearing an iridescent gown of unimaginable glimmering color you started to the center of the floor.

At the instant you stepped into the light I also stepped into a matching light on the opposite side of the floor. Elegant in black tux, white shirt, boots and tie of brilliant shining black, my beard and bearing lending grace to that glow from my very soul, so enthralled I was with you. I moved, not hastily but with purposeful stride to meet you.

As we approached each other so did our spotlights until they touched, then gracefully, slowly merged into one larger more magnificent beam.

Meeting… I grasped you firmly with one hand around your waist that you might not ever in a thousand forevers slip my fond embrace. Extending my other hand out into the air up and away for you to grasp, my God to touch, such an electric touch it bite our fingers joyfully coursed threw us to leap sparkling like lightening between our eyes bespeaking feelings we could not, dare not…. even whisper.

Notes of lyrical music began floating into the night beautifully making their presence heard then melting like large snowflakes in warm air… suddenly on a certain beat we began twirling and swirling on feet with wings and bodies gracefully, elegantly joined in motion so joyous and sweet…. as with glistening lovers between silken sheets… music lifting us like the wind carries a pair of Eagles soaring among the clouds……..we danced! !

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