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Dreaming Heaven - Poem by Christopher Rendon

Wake up! ! Wake Up! ! WAKE UP! ! " suddenly I have fallen into a lifetime sleep. I never knew a person can die and still dream. I'm shock to believe I hover above my own soulless body; stiffened to the point where the eyelids are sewn shut and the limbs become frozen stones. I look at my bruised flesh as it told stories of my past and those hands, my hands left beaten because of the weight of my pain and sanity it carried throughout my life. The heart beats that were use for melodies has completely died down with no beat, no pulse. The mind that was full of abstract ideas and lust for life has been cleared and this dusty soul of mine has been dusted off from the sticky cobwebs of sinister motives. Now I leave all this behind and begin to say I'm free. I let God enter my life on the last days because I soon knew I was going to die. I left holy beaded ropes around each corner of my bed, every night igniting a small spark into the candle wax as I fell onto my knees in a position to pray. I prayed and prayed that I would be forgiven for my mistakes. They say prayer and faith is what gets you into heaven but I always wondered if I ever recited enough prayers, I always wondered if I ever had enough faith. I died alone in my sleep, as I now just stare at my only known identity. Spiritually I will soon start my journey ascending into the place to find out whether I'll be accepted among the mist of good company. As I escape out my window and soar through the sky I feel the wind gently whirling around the big city of Queens, New York where I was born and raised. I begin to sight my part-time bench next to the Unisphere where I spent countless of days contemplating. Then, I sense that lingering aroma of those great dining restaurants I use to take my wife to every Saturday. I remember us sitting in a secluded booth, as she would nervously bite her nails, our eyes becoming as wide as the moon, drowning in the pale light of her smile, the taste of her silky skin, and her puckered lips giving me those kisses of bliss. She truly was an angel with broken wings and for 32 long years she stayed with me. Until one day, God saw her and decided to help her with that broken wing, and she flew her way back home. I mourned over her passing for three years and now that I got my wings fixed, I'm literally dying just to see her. I took a last glance at the city and said my goodbyes. I opted to fly out of the reddish sky of dawn and disappear into the faceless clouds in search for those golden heaven gates. Suddenly I see the gates ahead and it opens for me. Saying to myself "Finally, I will live my life at peace." I Rushed inside and there awaits my love ones at the edge of those gates. I threw my body into the huddling arms of my mother, my brother, my two kids and especially the love of my life. Surrounded by me were my favorite artists and musicians as the harp plays the harmony to my soul. Angels from all angles came towards me as I was ushered to go speak to the creator of mankind. This godly figure sat on a large throne with a seraph descending above him and tells me "Welcome Home." He let me see the qualities of my being and Said "Son, you successfully done your deeds. Now I want you to bask in the presence of your love ones and soak up every peaceful feeling from this place because this will only last momentarily." At that moment I understand what he meant, I understand that I will be called out to do another deed and be placed back on earth in another body. Then I won't remember a thing. Be reborn from the mother's wound, living out life again meeting new faces and places with no recollection of my past love ones. Then again I'll die and end up in a tomb. This cycle will always repeat thus saying I'm only in a dream.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This was an assignment i had to do for school and it had to a be 750 word flash fiction. For this I really wanted to use alot of imagery, metaphors, in other words alot of poetry elements in this short story. I would apperciate it if you all would take the time to read this and give me feedback and let me know what i could work on: D

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