Dreams And Desires Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

Dreams And Desires

Rating: 5.0

Dreaming of the dawn at midnight
Awake all alone
Visions of emotions come floating by
On their own..
This insane docile mind of mine
Keeps on talking of things
I dont know why
Leads me to locales
That seems familiar to me
How I wish
If you could sent them all back
Please send it back, silently

Those stars like the Sun
Smiles with a twinkle
Far away as it could be
Showing me those paths
I need to see
I might have come a long way
Time would know it well
And I wonder what I want back
After all..these days
Escstatic minds of bewildered souls
Seeks everything in its bewilderness
And despite all of that I got
Why do I beg for that strange instance
That abstract moment within

If I got back those childhood days
In the blink of an eye
If I could get back those
Mindful moments of innocence
If I could get you back
In some unknown space
And find you smiling beside me
As I reflect by the mirror of memories

Hazy magical moments
Are captured in countless photographs
In some unkown deep oceean of memories
Wiithin me
And they have washed up
To my silent shores of my vacant mind
Like silent scented flowers of this night

And now the dawn has set in
The night longs to sleep
But as it retires, I dont know why
It wakes me up,
Even though I'm awake.

Another day of hope rises
Alongwith the age old Sun
As I try to get back
All that I wanted
And maybe
There is nothing left for me
To get back at all.
Even then..
Could you send me all of them back
Please send me back silently

Dreams And Desires
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