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The Beggar

I have a long lonely road for my shelter
Some kindful garbage for my food
I thank you my good God above
For being so sweetly rude

The Artistic Work

Love lingers in your fingers
Like the snow broths of spring
Hauntingly it injures
The sweet pain it brings


in your dreams

Swimming the

The Rain Goddess

The trees prayed to you..
For they wanted to live..
With the water sprinkled by you..
Which no one else could give.

The Other Name

When did you ask me for my other name?
The name that came out from my pen
The name that haunts me to delight
Oh! I have another name

Avik Datta Gupta Quotes

29 November 2014

To rule, you need to commit sins within a sin and be proud of them.If you falter with remorse or guilt instead, that moment you'd be dead

21 September 2017

Sometimes words are too weak to transfer feelings...perhaps that's why we have songs and poetry

12 May 2020

When the We and Us Replace the Me and I A team gets formed With the blink of an eye

10 July 2021

Most of our concerns for others are similar to our good wishes for them. We claim to exclaim, but actually don't! So when you get lauded for the things you feel like getting appreciated for, keep a bucket of salt handy

10 July 2021

One thing is for sure.Our likings are very instantaneous and subjective.We just like something or don't within a few seconds.We don't have the time to go through the journey.We decide before we embark upon it

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Kusum Gokarn 22 September 2012

Your output of poems is prolific. Command of language is good. Variety of topics too, from light to serious.

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On Acrostic! , I find it really great. It shows one who has the mastery of the English language. Nice cadence and meter in your lines.

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Avik Datta Gupta Popularity