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I have a long lonely road for my shelter
Some kindful garbage for my food
I thank you my good God above
For being so sweetly rude

Love lingers in your fingers
Like the snow broths of spring
Hauntingly it injures
The sweet pain it brings

in your dreams

Swimming the

The trees prayed to you..
For they wanted to live..
With the water sprinkled by you..
Which no one else could give.

When did you ask me for my other name?
The name that came out from my pen
The name that haunts me to delight
Oh! I have another name

To be, or not to be..
The person that you want to be
It's not the question
But a difficult choice

Poetry is not easy to write too often
Unless one is filled with somekind of passion
A passion for love.. or a passion of joy
An eagerness to create..or an attempt to destroy.

Time, it's time for you to procrastinate
First, give your second a hug for free
Feel the value of your minute minute
Those hours that were meant to be ours,

Lets celebrate and resonate
With our best frequencies and vibes
Give a time and date
We would make it great

Your powers are within
Don't lose it
For momentary pleasures
One of your eyes have rested enough

Here I am.searching

Engulfed by the darkness of the night

As we tread upon life's path so long
Please remember my distant song
Never say goodbye my friend
Make sure our song never ends

I shape my palm like a bowl
And hold a bit of water of love
I feel it’s coolness, I can see it quiver
I can see self reflections, as I stand by the river

Feeling romantic is quite a strange feeling
A feeling that really has no meaning
A feeling aroused by the spark of passion
That grows like fire and engulfs your emotions

Rattling through a maze of words..
Rambling for a phrase...
Relating to the recurring thoughts that have been..
Reclused in an unhibitted mind

The book of my face, has nothing written on it
But has a lot to say silently
Read it with your feelings
Although eyes can see

I had a dream
And in my dream I dreamt of you
Dreaming about me
And as I dreamt

You have kept your dark side in darkness
That's why you are charming
You stay far away, out of reach
That's why you are sought for

We seek for our freedom
Which was what we thought
Unanswered questions
Utopian ideology

Blue eyes in the heavens
Gaze upon a seasonal leaf
That has turned the pages
From the seeds of time

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The Beggar

I have a long lonely road for my shelter
Some kindful garbage for my food
I thank you my good God above
For being so sweetly rude

Some people fling a coin
And drive into the dark
As I shake my shapeless bowl
Begging in the park.

There is so much love and passion
On the benches in the dark
But is this the love that people know
The coin or the outcast stark

Some beg for love, some beg for money,
Some beg for food, and some for being better
I beg for these like others
Then why am I called a beggar?

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Kusum Gokarn 22 September 2012

Your output of poems is prolific. Command of language is good. Variety of topics too, from light to serious.

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 09 August 2012

On Acrostic! , I find it really great. It shows one who has the mastery of the English language. Nice cadence and meter in your lines.

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