Searching In The Dark Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

Searching In The Dark

Rating: 5.0

Here I am.searching

Engulfed by the darkness of the night

The half bitten moon offers it's faintest glimmer

Enough to illuminate the eyes of a dreamer

Obscured once a while, by the passing clouds of thought..

All kinds of thoughts..and wishful thinking

Feeling high awhile and sometimes sinking

I let loose myself, .. I haven't an urge to turn the tide

No space for any pretensions, that I'd really need to hide

As I seek to find the epicenter of my cyclonic thoughts,

The cause of a feeling, an introspection of some sort

That keeps racing in and out

Etching in me it's signature, as it departs

Like an unexplainable work of art

Which strangely is nothing but a part of myself..

The thoughts are mine and so are the dreams

But at the end of it, I don't know what it all means

Colours of all kinds.. feelings of sorts..from my own being

Even those ones I'd swear to be totally unreal

That iota of me that is there vestigial..

That is there in me, un-noticed and un-utilized because

I never found it's existence since I never needed it's cause

Here I am, in search for the hidden..somewhere.. in some way

Hidden in me like a needle in a stack of hay

I am searching in the darkness of the night

I seek no object, and I don't need any light

I seek for some remembrances, blurred in my memories

A single tear from an ocean, a dream.. like a gentle breeze

Visiting me, momentarily, to be forgotten the next day..

Reappearing again in my wandering recollections..

Keeping itself a subject in my self conversations

Wherein I laugh and sometimes tears roll by..

Sometimes I've felt annoyed and sometimes felt shy

As I turned the pages of my storybook in fragments unwritten

See how far I remember and how much I've forgotten

As a half bitten real live cookie dipped in a cup of steaming fantasies..

Softening..breaking off drowning somewhere in my memories

And here I am, 'biding my time in darkness' as you say..

Searching for a needle in a stack of hay

Autumn Winds 11 August 2012

I highly enjoy your poetry, but this poem is probably one of my favorite pieces of work. Thank you for sharing your poetry with me.

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Simon Odhiambo 10 August 2012

A great journey through this poem. I enjoyed every line. well done.

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Vipins Puthooran 03 August 2012

such a beautiful poem tom read! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 11

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