Dreams Of Defiance Poem by gregory collins

gregory collins

gregory collins

live on on the alfonsina storni side of florida

Dreams Of Defiance

If you wake up
and you do not know anything
about the fatal disease
between lies and answers,
then you know you are really in trouble.

Because i have slept in the hunger of promise,
i have thought truth was a direction
and now i am alone again.
I have even made my life a living Hell
by treasuring the troubled waters.
Because the past should not be known for its predictability;
The future should.

Some strangers blind bed,
everyday temptations,
rules tied to my waist.

Now i am alone again,
behind the shine of men's souls.
Walking towards what only Heaven knows,
and i cannot understand indifference
being kept on a leash. Like when you wake up
and do not know anything God knows:
And do not say you are the wounded Albatross in all of us.

So i dream of hard work and much at stake.
I dream of children in the rain and a chance to let me play.
I dream i am willing to see the world spinning round and it might change my memory.
I dream i was only dreaming like a dreamer's tree of song.

Now the leaves are changing clothes,
and soon the breeze will break them loose.
The sun is so cold i am forgetting about girls,
but love until you can't understand the taste.
Make a prisoner of your own exaggerations.
Peace is where i live and it is no more than pennies.
Shelter is sometimes God, a blanket, the Milky Way.
Sometimes it is even Heaven's bad habits.

When you wake up like a castle in the sand,
gone are the times deep without the heart.
But show no fear for the broken heart has none to spare.

As beautiful as chaotic,
you are a source of tears to many mothers.
Because i have my moments that tell me how or tell me why,
and it is not hard to be a long way from home falling into grace.

gregory collins

gregory collins

live on on the alfonsina storni side of florida
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