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Regret can be your pet.
Our brains have a beautiful taste.
One more problem makes all the difference in the world.
Maybe i am only homesick if i don't want to be a runaway.

If life
is just a game
then i can dance
in the trees like a bird

Something is on my mind,
and it is a dream i planned out for you,
and i know it wasn't what you wanted.
But you must earn the ransom,

The sign of the cross a million times
and God apologizes for the mind inside my brain.
It says the hourglass fills in the Devil's skull.

It's all right to come from your eyes
when you thought tomorrow was beyond our control
and yestrerday with all its mistakes and cares
is like watching a child eat their last meal

Here and there
words of love
hide inside someone
and hope

I haven't seen clouds lately, i wonder what must
be wrong. But not knowing where to go to sit

face to face with the sun, even if i am all alone

You have an innocent smile that touches my
shoulders. Vowels supported by darkness itself.

But i can can't see death pushing aside the

Into each others eyes, we listen to each other breathe.
The modern society: when the cell phone rings it is

mingled mournfully, and abortion is looked at like a cave drawing.

Like a flower with numb ankles, i cannot go a single
day without a drug or a drink. The tears itself, like

paper i could pin my hopes upon. The way the vines

To be afraid of death is bad luck to me, a fear
i expect no justice or mercy from. The fact that

my soul has twisted so much, i think the

Could there be a beach made of tears,
like music of snow thrown from the fingertips of a lady.
Then photographed
balancing on a sharpened knifeblade,

Forgetting beauty, will break you in half with
the right look, like light cauterizing darkness

and spinning my soul like a top on mirrors

'i had a lover's quarrel with the world'

epitaph of Robert Frost

I could have been there down by the sea, with pockets
full of silence and a priceless smile between the legs.

Maybe like a smaller love song that begins to shed her dreams

The black of the night sky adores the paralysis of my
eyes. Like a mirror told me birds cannot reach where

there are no walls; Like i sometimes look for mushrooms

The cracks and lines on my face
make me an easy man to read,
and it is relaxing
that i have never had to think before.

When light looks me straight in the eyes,
and says you are no son of mine:

and the years are not a healer, but hiding places.

Smell the clouds feet, a dingy waiting room for rain.
A useless pasttime. Catch snowflakes in your head,

the same day comes every day of the year. Nothing

The stars come up to my porch with their ears alert.
Then morning comes with a clock and washes the sky blue,
and i am someone sipping liquor from a glass that stings the outside world.
I am ceaselessly destroying myself through the wilderness inside.

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see anyone and everyone in the back left-hand corner of heaven.........)

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Regret can be your pet.
Our brains have a beautiful taste.
One more problem makes all the difference in the world.
Maybe i am only homesick if i don't want to be a runaway.
Maybe a 1,000 you's can dream at the shadows in the wishing well.
Then again these eyes are not safe when playing dead.
They smell like reverse pyschology and a big lack of education.
They, like reality, are hidden in the last choice you will ever choose.

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Lu Smythe 26 February 2009

We all notice that you like to visit trees, shrubs & birdtables. You display is on the small side.

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