gregory collins

gregory collins
live on on the alfonsina storni side of florida
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see anyone and everyone in the back left-hand corner of heaven.........

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Regret can be your pet.
Our brains have a beautiful taste.
One more problem makes all the difference in the world.
Maybe i am only homesick if i don't want to be a runaway.

Born Before Fields

If life
is just a game
then i can dance
in the trees like a bird

Daughters Of Light

Something is on my mind,
and it is a dream i planned out for you,
and i know it wasn't what you wanted.
But you must earn the ransom,

The Sign Of The Cross A Million Times

The sign of the cross a million times
and God apologizes for the mind inside my brain.
It says the hourglass fills in the Devil's skull.

Knifing The Shadow Of Storni

It's all right to come from your eyes
when you thought tomorrow was beyond our control
and yestrerday with all its mistakes and cares
is like watching a child eat their last meal

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Lu Smythe 26 February 2009

We all notice that you like to visit trees, shrubs & birdtables. You display is on the small side.

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