Drying Hope Poem by Dancing Moon

Drying Hope

I wish for a better mourning
I want to be a new light
In this darkness
But what can I do as waves wash me
Away into the deep blue depths

I count the days as I lose my most cherished hope
I look forward with my eyes
As my vision fades away
The dark smoke closes in the night

I stand on the bridge between my happiness and my deep sorrow
Light and darkness are long lost lovers
They dance with brilliance and the pain and joy blooms in the world of chaos
I wish for a day when the world would stand still in silence
As the dream fades and my mind withers
I continue on a journey to find as answer
To this endless nightmare.

The day come and goes with the spinning of fruit filled with life
What is good and bad if the world is only covered in a gray fog
I cry tears that I cannot comprehend
As if I missing a part of myself that I had lost long ago
When a home feel's like it is not my home

I wonder if this worlds beauty can truly save this world from ruin
As look upon the blue skies and green trees
As I look up the forests and seas
As I look upon the birds and turtles
As I look upon smiles and laughter
As look upon sun and moon
Can I say that this light will save us from the darkness the lies within?

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