Alison Rosalie

Rookie (March 12,1991 / Regina, SK)

Dumb Love - Poem by Alison Rosalie

as I stare into you
feelings so much sweeter
than describable desire
dangle from my tongue
like dewdrops, too dense a fog
to drift simply from my lips

so I try to whisper
the obsessive interests
through my fumbling fingertips,
and though my head is
swimming in a sea of ardor
my typically talkative hands stay silent,
too shy to stutter or slur any longing verse
up the single-spaced lines of your spine.

in slight defeat I try steadily to speak
but find, unsurprised, I cannot rhythmically
tap the tones from the tip of my tongue to tell you
(how silence seems to stifle me
when you stare at me steadily
and I can’t see straight through the blue
to what thoughts might be compelling you) .

I wriggle and fidget under your gaze
in my unceasing uncertainty
(like a terminal disease,
a parasitic plague,
a recurring cliché)
relentlessly wishing that solely your stare
could tame the timidity, break the silence
that makes my shaky speech snap
but your eyes are not enough to ease
the self-doubting behind mine.

so surrendering the search for ways
to express my sentimental obsessions,
I stare you straight in the face,
hoping you understand the way to explain
wrenching sentiments similar or the same.
but oh you look as lost as I, dazed by
the sparks of this silencing sensation,
and you leave my too quiet question
dangling like an still wisp of smoke.
I stand sullenly with a bittersweet smile
knowing I can only hold growing hope
that in those endless blue moons (so ridiculously rare)
are enthusiasms as elegantly impossible to describe
as the chills that make my frail legs shake
when I gaze into that glowing night sky.

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