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Bijay Kant Dubey

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During The Solar Eclipse

During the solar eclipse, I used to find the people talking
About the sun getting eclipsed,
The people consulting the Brahmins,
As they used to indicate it beforehand
By consulting the scrolls of astrology and astronomy,
Without a basic difference.

The common folks used to stop cooking food
Till the eclipsing was over,
And when it was over, hey used to go to for a bath,
Be it the evening time or morning time,
The riverside villages used to hum
With Brahminism and punditism.

It was but a matter of Rahu and Ketu devouring the sun
Or the moon,
People marking the eclipses,
Eclipsing, getting eclipsed,
The dark spots on it,
How much has it been eaten!
And discussing it in their own way!

After the solar eclipse, it was a scene to see the people
Dwelling in the villages,
Talking of the eclipse,
The bath to be taken
And the food to be made
If it is the time to make.

If the lunar eclipse happens during the midnight time,
People wash the used in clothes and bed sheets
As for to be absolved of,
Such a madness I used to mark in our Brahmin households,
Villagerly homes of the nondescript hamlets and thorps,
Full of Brahminism, astrology, palmistry, witchcraft and fatalism,
Doing the mrituanjaya-japa as for conquering invincible death.

Metaphysical base is no doubt a good thing
But to accept it blindly is not good,
It is our inquisitive to question it
But the things cannot be blindly,
Though the conventions may be followed.

Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 10, 2013
Poem Edited: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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