Easter Wolf Poem by Sebastian Seal

Sebastian Seal

Novosibirsk, Siberia

Easter Wolf

This year not many eggs were to be found.
None that were oval, none that were round.
For the bunnies that lay them had all gone to ground,
Because towards them the Easter Wolf was bound.

'Help! ' screamed the bunnies,
'Help us keep our eggs safe, ' they wailed.
Without the bunnies where would the eggs come from?
The Easter crop would have failed!

But nobody heard their cry.
The bunnies had ransacked allotments,
And they ate all the farmers' carrots,
So no-one cared if they became someone's pie.

The Easter Wolf arrived at the door of a bunny lair,
'Go away! ' shouted the bunnies, 'Use your legs! ',
'I can't do that, ' replied the wolf, 'it wouldn't be fair'.
The bunnies thought he wanted to eat their eggs.

'I'm here for your eggs, ' said the wolf,
'And I want to eat a delicious bunny in one gulp, '
'So come out, come out, remove our gulf,
'I want to eat an egg bunny-side up! '

'We don't have any, ' came the reply,
'We didn't lay any this year'.
The wolf wasn't fooled by this obvious lie.
He said, 'Bunnies always lay eggs, just like a bear! '

The wolf was hungry, he had eaten all his food.
He'd already finished his belly-button fluff.
'Come out, come out, or I'll blow your lair down! '
The bunnies reckoned he was all huff and no puff.

So the wolf, he huffed and he puffed.
He puffed and he huffed.
And with a mighty blow the lair fell down.
The bunnies inside gave an irritated frown.

'Look what you did to our house! ' screamed a bunny,
'Fixing it will cost us a lot of money! '
'Sorry, ' said the wolf, surveying the damage.
'All I wanted was an egg and bunny sandwich'.

The wolf felt very guilty and embarrassed,
So off he slinked back into the forest.
And that was it for another year,
The Easter Wolf paying for the repair.


Sebastian Seal

Novosibirsk, Siberia
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