Sebastian Seal Poems

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私 の 海 胆

厚 い 武 士
気 鋭 鋭 敏
丸 い 神
海 蝟

小 さ い 海 豹 の 成 分 は 何 で す か

小 海 豹
ポ リ エ ス テ ル だ
本 当 よ

卵 の 川 柳

「 た ま ご 」 言 う
私 は 「 た め ご 」
仕 舞 お う ね

海 鼠 ち ゃ ん の 川 柳

[ 海 鼠 ち ゃ ん は 私 へ こ の 川 柳 を 書 き ま し た 。 ]

お 海 豹
大 脳 持 つ か

Sea Monsters

Out in the deep dark depths,
Swim monsters beyond comprehension.
They sit around drinking meths,
Honing their perception.

Sea Lions

Sea lions are not like seals, the fools,
They have articulated flippers,
Go to private boarding schools,
And wear expensive slippers.

Great Barrier Reef

I travelled to the Great Barrier Reef,
A whale was offering day-trip adventures.
He swam very fast and the journey was brief,
But he did a breach and lost his dentures.


Bendy is a snake,
Of the most venomous kind.
Dave gave him a toffee,
He thought he wouldn't mind.

Puffins Never Laugh

They paint their beaks to look like clowns,
But their eyes have concerned frowns.
Puffins never laugh.


My and my owner's toothpaste,
Got muddled up in haste.
A bit like the notes in a Chopin etude.