Easy Hits! A Superb Way To Make Statistics Look Better Than What They Are! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Easy Hits! A Superb Way To Make Statistics Look Better Than What They Are!

By Stanley Collymore

The British Criminal Prosecution
Service (CPS) does not decide
whether a person is guilty or
innocent of a supposed or undoubtedly
an actual criminal offence but crucially
officially, does supposedly make a fair
and literally independent assessment
about whether or not a rather fittingly
distinctly case should be considered
by a criminal court. Strange however
that simply consistently and actually
serious crimes are basically ignored
by the CPS and actually likewise the
police. But quite evidently, speeding
by an ambulance driver, clearly on a
verifiable emergency, and obviously
undeniably, very simply instinctively
both these agencies, the police and
equally undoubtedly the CPS are all
over such incidents, spontaneously.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
9 June 2024.

Author's Remarks:
A completely different approach though when Helen Holland aged 81 years and a great grandmother from Essex died in an NHS hospital discernibly simply two weeks after she was critically knocked down by a speeding out rider, evidently part of Sophie Windsor's convoy, on the latter's return from some ribbon cutting event she was engaged in on behalf of the monarchical family she's a part of.

Not anything done for Helen Holland by this multiple billionaire family, while the usual and expected, glaringly fatuously churned out apt customary empathetic comments on Helen Holland's death by those involved, and incredibly even the members of her family, actually taking great care not to offend their evidently perceived superior masters shows truly really in essence how deeply embedded even in the 21st Century feudalism still is an integral part of British life crucially for many Brits from all walks of life.

Contrast that sycophantic approach to that relative to this obvious ambulance driver on a genuine emergency, and in reality what does it say to anyone with a functioning brain and knows how to essentially use it!

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