Eating Alone Poem by Li-Young Lee

Eating Alone

Rating: 4.4

I've pulled the last of the year's young onions.
The garden is bare now. The ground is cold,
brown and old. What is left of the day flames
in the maples at the corner of my
eye. I turn, a cardinal vanishes.
By the cellar door, I wash the onions,
then drink from the icy metal spigot.

Once, years back, I walked beside my father
among the windfall pears. I can't recall
our words. We may have strolled in silence. But
I still see him bend that way-left hand braced
on knee, creaky-to lift and hold to my
eye a rotten pear. In it, a hornet
spun crazily, glazed in slow, glistening juice.

It was my father I saw this morning
waving to me from the trees. I almost
called to him, until I came close enough
to see the shovel, leaning where I had
left it, in the flickering, deep green shade.

White rice steaming, almost done. Sweet green peas
fried in onions. Shrimp braised in sesame
oil and garlic. And my own loneliness.
What more could I, a young man, want.

Riza Braholli 25 June 2018

waw what liric... thank you, thank you poet

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Walterrean Salley 23 November 2016

(Eating Alone - Poem by Li-Young Lee.) **Great memories. A nostalgic poem, beautifully written.

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Benjamin Chew 01 May 2009

I'm a fan! Nice piece

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Walter Durk 02 October 2007

This, in my mind, is a well constructed and thoughtful poem.

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