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Often I close my eyes
and you leave
Somewhere…, somewhere…! ?

When birds were leaving

On each threshold the sun was praying
Like the last kiss before end run;

Loneliness and oblivion

Loneliness wraps me in thick fur
with deafness, oblivion does, too

It was a kiss, a kiss that sips
Sun stretched its roots to earth from air
The earth's veins boiled, from fire of lips
Like lightning flashes when away flips

Fire of Fires

I have always loved the times
when people would make love with gods


The last inlay of night
saw their parting:
Hustled vestige, voices

A kiss...
I kiss you!
it's my only crazy wish
which I deliver tonight

After Rain

After the rain, leaf sounds crunch
As a mercy to an innocent soul

Couldn't become Christ

She, she was...; wasn't written on paper
about her my pen said: I'm powerless you see;


The shutter door here and there
ominous dilemma, continence
up in funeral dumps.

On the cobblestones so wavy
His manes flowing billowy
Kicking heels a well-built horse
Suffering-Spirit in remorse.

There is a bird in your eyes

There is a bird in your eyes
a bird amid the leaves

Whatever. (Gjithsesi)

This evening
is an unbuttoned

I loved you…! I still do!

I loved you dearly, too much I flashed.
Cursing my fate to have known you

O my friend, it was October
Fall had browned Linden tree.
drops of tears crushing over
draining into silent sea.

Lady overlooks me from a picture
her eyes poor down a joyless cup
She has a spirit that changes color
like sky when clouds come or break up.

Oh God, the first love
life that in a seed does wait.
It needs warm air above
from soil and stone to germinate

Moon beams

You feel away and you are close,
Looking at me in a joyless eye,

Older wine

You're...the older wine sips,
Filling my nights in a glass,

Were you like the old wine

Were you like the old wine,
That all do yearn and thirst,

The Best Poem Of Riza Braholli


Often I close my eyes
and you leave
Somewhere…, somewhere…! ?

Under the eyelids
voices and endless spaces;

but where could your walking stick,
your age-bowed back
and weary knees,
lead you up, where?

The pathways you follow are dead-ends for the lost;
other laws are in heights of heaven.

I fail to know
I'd rather guess which are their signs,
which hands do they stretch towards you,
which promises do they give?

Oh, as you leave,
on each wrinkle
on each shudder and light
or shadow that hardens in peace
I see a butterfly
cutting her wings hopelessly.

How could you leave this way?
Lips still in wine parfume
caressing eyes that clear the skies
and wake them up.

Refuse either singes they give
I know not on whose behalf;
I want to lock you within me,
and carry you all my life;
others have left theirs leave
how could I do the same? !

Should I nail you on the wall
on a black and white photo
like your husband and my father?

Would you turn into Christ
but I must be the Christ myself;
you may be Mary at the most
Mary who gave birth to a weak offspring
that hesitates to call himself a poet
(who knows whether this is to brag)

Often I close my eyes
you leave for somewhere….somewhere…
But how could you leave me,
how'd you leave like others! ?

- - - - - ***********- - - - - -

Përktheu: Alfred Kola
Korçë, Albania, tetor 2016

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Riza Braholli 25 October 2019

thanks my good friend

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Prabir Gayen 16 February 2019

Riza Braholli is a talented poet and a good man.

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