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Einstein: The Holographic View Of The Cosmos, God, And White Holes - Poem by Lonnie Hicks

June 24th 2010

The Holographic view of the universe takes the view that the brain is the creator of our notions of the universe or, at the very least, the brain is fine-tuned to be in touch with the seen and unseen universe we have been describing in this blog. (Notice how strange ideas are not so strange when examined closely. Here is yet another example.

Religious people have claimed for centuries of contact with the unseen, with God, and other visions from that unseen world. Now some scientists are saying that may very well, not only be possible, but verifiable at some time in the future. The experiment at Cern (remember that?) may provide some part of that proof.

Wow you say-and rightly so.

Think about that idea for a moment; and aren't you glad you have endured all of my prognostications to get to this point?

Think of the brain on a quantum level as having electrons which indeed pop in and out of existence, have the capacity to bridge across dimensions, participate in all of the processes we have described above and understandings from both science and religion seem to be saying the same things in the end:

1-There is a unseen and mostly unknowable realm out there.

2- We humans may never be able to comprehend all of it.

3- There may be some force, God or some entity or invisible force involved

4- We are personally affected by all of this everyday in ways we are just beginning to understand.

5-That my actions in this world may reverberate across time-lines and indeed in other dimensions or realms.(That is a mouthful.)

6- All of the universe is a single unity, in contact with itself at all times and at all points.;

We are our brother's keeper and every thought manifests itself on both the physical as well as the spiritual plane across the fabric of space-time.(Another mouthful and I am getting very full.)

So who is God? So what is the supreme force in the universe?

No one really knows, except maybe it is in the human brain or accessible there. (Experiments are underway to tap the 'God' experience in the laboratory and some progress has been made. But no one knows how or why it occurs or even how to interpret the results. In any event you heard it here first.

The point though is that the brain and its connections to what we loosely called the universe remains mysterious. Some of the Holo people think the brain has created the illusion of all we see. Quantum folks and their view is as described above. They root their view in Quantum physics and string theory. Others still relate it all to religious experience. And still others make the point that the brain stores data and memory in and reassembles it in what can be described as the holograph of the mind. One implication is that we are all in a Sims stimulation, or only exist in the mind of our creator, divine or computer. So there you have it.

So, at this point, there is no unified Holographic View, except that all focus on 'in here' rather than 'out there.' One commentator remarked that Jesus, Buddha, and others religious folks have always counseled us to look within for answers. Maybe 'within' is related to the workings of the human brain and its connections to the universe.

This is the view of the holographic folks and scientists who are looking to the structure of the brain for answers.

But is it true? Not sure, but here is another thought:

We are from the point of view of science at an earth-shaking point: Einstein's field equations fail, repeat fail, beyond the event horizon of a black hole to explain reality and they end up with impossible answers, and just as importantly so do the equations of quantum mechanics.

If all this holds it is of incredible importance because Physics of our universe also fail as well.

The Quantum folks are seeking to extend their ideas to fix this problem with a quest for a Theory of Quantum Gravity but nothing so far. Meantime, we are in this theoretical backwater. No verifiable answers from any quarter. And even if there were we might not be equipped to understand those answers. Tough spot.

But note science has moved more toward religious pre-suppositions rather than the other way around. (The Poet smiles) But stay tuned. Things change daily as we continue our explorations.

Next time.

June 26,2010

Now we want to take up the evaluation of the Holographic view as regards string theory in more detail and compare it to my own view.

I postulate that with the breakdown of Einstein and Quantum mechanics in the context of black hole events, space itself, not gravity, not neutrinos, gravity, or anti-gravity become the issue. The latter become side issues. We want to know what happens to space itself in the black hole context. Space itself is the mystery here. Space expands beyond the event horizon and can speed up past the speed of light.(Wow)

I assure you, as you can see that whatever is happening with space, it is very, very strange.

Now lets go slowly because my brain is on unfamiliar ground and I am working this out as I type. You can see this, therefore, getting born in the black hole of my own mind.

Here is my logic, (see above for details) if we now understand empty space is not empty at all, and can exceed the speed of light and is filled up with energetic particles in what I have called the ocean-soup, then we want to know how the interaction of that energetic soup-space works in the context of a black hole.

But first we want to know are the details of the characteristics of this empty space first.

Here are a few guesses:

1- It can exceed the speed of light.

2- It is malleable.

3- It is allied with dark matter and dark energy

4- It might in fact be part of a larger universe structure, not our own, and may obey different laws of physics, or can void ours upon contact.

5- It may be the real source of gravity

6- It can be seen, theoretically, to crush down upon gravitons or even electromagnetic fields to produce huge magnetic storms in some sort of fusion process.

7- It may be the answer to what white holes are, that is, if gravity collapses large stars and they become black holes and swallow other stars, where does all that star material go to? Einstein's field equations claimed that they go to infinity in mass structure, but that is impossible. But contemplate this idea: black holes sink and are the mirror image of white holes which may involve material leaving our membrane universe and entering that other one I have postulated. Therefore this becomes the function of black holes and explains why there are millions of them in our membrane universe. (It may be that our universe is the result of a singularity we now call the big bang and we are the white hole. Amazing stuff huh?)

Back to the black hole: Some of the material from black hole fusion goes back in the ocean-soup via space itself; going back into our ocean soup-at the speed of light in the process- creating new dark energy as a result of fusion occurring in the heart of the black hole-that dark energy fueling the expansion of our universe.

This means that black holes function as exchange points between the two universes I have postulated (ours and another) which are currently occupying the same space and time; Again, a lot in these ideas.

Are they true and can they be tested?

Let's sleep on it. (This is the never-ending blog; lets age together.)

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