Elder Brother Poem by KOMBE SAKWE KOFI

Elder Brother

Fussing and crying, birth twins, but different ages,
First grandson to Grandma Susan I got an elder brother,
Nurse me grow to love money death is my wages,
Capricorn you created the star keep climbing up farther.

Innocent and pure now we guilty and discoloured,
Made of dust, beneath the tree, stuck to the roots,
A library of questions we already answered,
Walk on water like Peter, maintain solid rocks.

Judge none of them run after the missing sheep,
Ride your boat, rock it, both hands my brother with the lamp,
Closed eyes, live the vision when I'm counting sheep.

I love my classmates but dread my next door neighbour,
Give love, keep value, spread joy you are a saviour,
Bread of life as sweet as honey made by the Baker,
Love and die for my best friend, hate and kill my workers.

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