Election Special Poem by Flying Lemming

Election Special

Rating: 1.0

“Thank you all so much for your warm applause
I promise you that I am a very worthy cause
I stand here proud, asking for your vote today
As we get the election process well underway
My policies will make life be as easy as it should
I cant say what they are, but I promise that they’re good
And I will cut pollution with no money being spent
And lower tax and raise income and make all crooks repent
Answers to all life’s problems are resting in my head
What they are I can’t say so I’ll attack my opponent instead
I refuse to do mud slinging, or to try to cause a smear
Although I could tell you things he wont want you to hear
Like his finances, notice he has a bigger house
And more holidays, and a job there for his spouse
Doesn’t his car look new, cant have had that long
Makes you kind of wonder where the party funds have gone
But I wont stoop to his level, I’m too refined for that
Not even to mention he’s looking well fed and fat
So here I am before you, trying hard to impress
Or trying to be the guy that you dislike less
And as I’ve made my standing clear, you must now agree
Your only sensible option is to vote for me”
“Now here’s our next candidate, I’m sure that you all know him”
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