An Idiot Poem by Flying Lemming

An Idiot

Rating: 4.5

I'd love to be an idiot,
And never have a care.
About the crap that's in the sea,
Or poison in the air.

I want to be an idiot,
And never be afraid.
Of the snipers deadly gun,
Or muggers slicing blade.

I long to be an idiot,
And live in my own world.
Where violence doesn't raise its head,
And no abuse is hurled.

I beg to be an idiot,
Not waiting by the phone.
And even when I'm by myself,
I'd never feel alone.

I wish to be an idiot,
A dim and dozy dope.
Whatever things went wrong with life,
I'd never give up hope.

Yes, if I was an idiot,
Hatred, hurt and pain.
Would never ever bother me
And I'd be born again.

But, if I was an idiot,
And missed out all the strife.
I'd miss out all the other things,
That make up every life.

The heartfelt words, the warmth, the love,
The closeness and all that.
I don't want to be an idiot,
I think I'll stay a PRAT

Colin J... 02 September 2007

' And even when I'm by myself, I'd never feel alone.' I have always felt like this... Lovely poem, will read all your others... Colin J...

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Amity Willows 21 September 2007

Good poem; my favorite line is 'A dim and dizzy dope'. Great job!

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Don Mcwilliams 04 March 2008

It would ratchet down the stress of daily life. Very amusing, FL. Thanks for sharing it. Don

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Greenwolfe 1962 24 March 2008

This is only the first I have read of yours but if its an indication of others in your collection. I'll be back many times. I really enjoy reading a writer who knows what he's doing. Your work is wonderful! GW62

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Con Nie 27 May 2008

Sometimes I think some idiots might be running things and those of us that are not idiots need to keep speaking up to them. Loved your poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb

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Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan 08 November 2014

I don't want to be an idiot, I think I'll stay a PRAT A well written poem which about the intellect which makes to feel the real pain of life and the negating the fact ultimately to be out from the clutches of understanding and realization. Most of the lesson we learn when they become useless.A good read Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

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Akhtar Jawad 05 May 2014

Flying Lemming is from England, and I don't know anyone from England who has no love for cricket. Sir Don Bradman, may be described by craps and snipers as an idiot batsman who played unbooked and ugly shots, but it doesn't make any difference to that great batsman. He was great, he is great and he will remain great. I really liked this poem.

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Walterrean Salley 08 May 2012

Your poem is about the end justifying the means. However, the last two verses sum things up, and has justified the entire poem. Really enjoyed it.

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Adeline Foster 14 March 2012

Great poem, well said, well written. Great can I top that? I doubt it. Adeline

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James B. Earley 08 September 2008

It's about experiencing life's joys and sorrows...and the know....the difference!

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