Elohim Poem by Jude Ogunade


Who ought to take our praise

And fit for us to please?

Who sent his breath on all

And things began to be?

Who thought the world to being

And govern those unseen?

Who shapes the worlds in spheres

And sets their spheres in speeds

Tilting the earth in clime?

Who calls the dawn to be

And thrusts the sun with beams?

Who gives the breaths of life

And claims the same at death?

Who calls the cocks to crow

And man to sweat his brows?

Who gave us brains to think

And arms to till the greens?

Who spread the sky with wings

And gave the sky its clouds

Clapping thunders aloud?

Who set the tunes of birds

And trains their wings to fly?

Who fills the seas with fins

And sees the depths of seas?

Who melt the ice in spring

And ease the pains of drought?

Who sets the mounts in cones

And digs the depths of deeps?

Who sweeps the sands with winds

And brings their dusts with breeze?

Who soaks the grounds with rains

And flames the fields with grains?

Who gave us eyes to see

And nose with which to smell?

Who gave us mouth to eat

And tongues to taste the meals?

Who knows and weighs one's deeds

No matter how one feels?

Who bathes the morn with dews

And clothes it with its hues?

Who hurries out the night

And serves the day with light?

Who wears the woods with greens

And smears the stems with scents

Sweet and nice to the sense?

- Jude Ogunade,2011, Ofankor, Ghana.

Jude Ogunade

Jude Ogunade

Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
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