My Short Biography Poem by Jude Ogunade

My Short Biography

My fears are here written
My tears in my heart hidden
My faith lies with the heavens
Come, make my earth a worthy haven

My past is littered with cares
Cares uncared for lingered still
My present harbours nothing but fears
Fears that have turned me into steel

Still I am, am I unloved?
Still I am, am I pursued?
Still I am, am I assailed?
Still I am, am I a vagabond?

Born was I in a home, legitimate
By mates who were legal mates
But five months afterwards
Fearsome strife was their rewards

Mother left and never turned back
Law and society gave her the sack
Whilst I was left to cater for myself
From sixteen was street my friend itself

Nevertheless was I always counted
Among the best of whatever I acted
In works and studies I never lagged
Yet, all resources I lacked

Every time I knelt to pray Amen
Birds will fly over my head with Omen
Why is it that these assail
Not minding my feeble frail

Step mum derived joy in whipping my hands
Battering my body even in her dance
No where was I given a chance
Whilst I endured uncountable bangs

I struggled and I entered the university
Only for an uncle to kill my brother in the city?
Living me to become an object of pity
For no one was ready to give me a cedi

I struggled and I got to the final year
Only for the brotherhood to give me tears
For they think they got my destiny in their hands
Alas, are we all on earth by chance?

I suffered pains, anguish and hunger
Yet, I forgave all and rescind anger
Now, I achieve Nirvarna
Buddha here I come: a brother


Jude Ogunade

Jude Ogunade

Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
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