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Let there be peace in the world.
Let us all see peace and not war.
Let us all have peace in the world.
Let all our statesmen know no violence,

Why wars in our world?
When would we stop wars?
Where is another word for war?
What would end wars in our world?

My fears are here written
My tears in my heart hidden
My faith lies with the heavens
Come, make my earth a worthy haven

Swarming legions of lust compulsion,
The reasons for every man’s want.
Insatiable darkness of every dark mind,
The insatiable darkness, harbinger of evil deeds!

Ever since you left,
I have been unkempt.
The sun drying my tears.
The moon habouring my fears.

I wandered into the green.
Where else would I have been?
Away and awhile from crooks,
Who made the cities their hoods.

Cherita, this romance in your head
Will only land us both on my bed
On my bed? Our mind will be on bend
And mtswchch; muutsch, will know no end

Je te vu partout.
Tu es avec moi toujours.
Je pense à toi toujours.
Je pense à toi beaucoup.

No rain without a rainbow
Face coloured freshly with curves
Though sorrow surround somehow
Joy will help you climb your boughs

Some score years ago,
My town was aglow.
I saw greenish screens,
As flocks fed on greens.

Lone among bevies
As each take turns
Having fun

Favoured flowers are plenty,
Always glowing in beauty.
Various petals, too many;

A Brag…A Jest!
(A politician's whispering)

I went to the store,

My sleep refused to come!
Your memories woke up my mind.
I stayed still on the bed,
I stayed still like a little pet.

Gba! Gbo! Gba! Gbo!
The voice I heard,
Gba! Gbo! Gba! Gbo!
From where I trod,

Aren't you the sun!
Face like the fire,
Raging behind,
Colouring Clothes.

A beauty without stain
Honesty without fain
A fine face which will wane
Only in useful art!

I woke grudgingly, upon my thought.
He woke me and had me taught.
I found His questions, questionable.
And my 'answers': unanswerable.

Gazing into your photo,
Love is what I see.
Seeing you in toto,
Yet sober I choose to be.

As I lay myself on my back,
As I keep count of the stars,
Alone, along a lonely beach,
Heaven surely has a lot to teach.

The Best Poem Of Jude Ogunade

Peaceful Prayers

Let there be peace in the world.
Let us all see peace and not war.
Let us all have peace in the world.
Let all our statesmen know no violence,
Let all love peace with warm vehemence,
Let all be clothed with passionate patience,
Let all respect peace with real reverence.
Let peace pervade every political terrain,
Let peace calm the spirits of every domain,
Let peace be at peace with every reign,
Let each achieve peace with poor pain.
Peace, to you we plead: come to us.
Peace, we entreat you: deign on us.
Peace, we want you: envelope us.
Let our homes be adorned with peace,
Let our streets be paved with peace,
Let our cities be set on a hilltop of peace.
Let peace taint our every thought.
Let there be peace, let peace never cease
Let there be peace, let war forever cease.

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Cassandra Matthew 05 February 2009

I love all your poems. I think they are touching and true.

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Ogunade Soji Sammy Jones 05 February 2008

jonwo2@yahoo.pl.it will be interesting to hear from u debo

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Nikki D 02 October 2007

I love your poem 'Peaceful Prayers' and I have a question for you about it. Would you mind if i use it in a vid i want to make. I was going to write my own but you poem fits perfectly with the music i have chosen. It will be a very simple vid and I will be posting it on you tube. I will accnolage you as the writer at the end of the vid as well. Get back to me with your answer...my email is airdaretosing@optonline.net. Again amazing work. -Nicole

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