Eloquently Speaking Poem by Rakeem Person

Eloquently Speaking

What doth her heart declare?
Why doth her soul despair?
At the prospect of a breaking truth
Facades fabricated by wily youth

What doth her eyes do see?
Why doth her lips decree
A law that can only be dismissed
By the allure of just one kiss?

What doth her tears do leave?
When doth her lungs not breathe?
Shall it be when my hearts throbs for her?
Or ‘twas it when her lust I did incur?

When doth her spirit be wed?
How doth her love live dead?
‘Tis it more than just a dream
Shall foreign hands be held to higher esteem?

Shall angels speak as demons?
Shall tongues sing silence as sound?
Doth ballads become disengaged
By melodies that cannot be found?

Shall hands hold air as flesh?
Shall mouths find no match to meet?
Doth hearts thud in logic
While thoughts become bound to beat?

Shall minutes fade away to dimensions?
Shall night abide in the apparel of day?
Doth pain become the pleasure—
The faux pas of cursing to pray?

Shall tomorrow become as the past?
Shall the present no longer be a gift?
Doth my eloquence entangle the simple
As an eagle with wings too swift?

What doth her heart declare?
Why doth her eyes not stare
At the prize that praises her stride
Shall my love be the snag that tosses all courtesy to the side?

~Rakeem Person (7-10-08)

Sara Lane 17 July 2008

nice poem, please read mine and give comments and suggests.to look me up find sara lane.

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