Embrace The Chaos Poem by David Welch

Embrace The Chaos

The Islamists claim that their views
are the very words of God,
and when they try to make it real,
it just ends up in death and rot.
They can't stop folks from drinking,
or bringing music to their ears,
can't stone all the ‘adulteresses'
if they had one thousand years.
Yet they try and all that it brings
is widespread misery and death,
though they live in war, they haven't learned
to embrace the chaos yet.

The Socialist thinks they are good
for the poor across the world,
but every time they live their thoughts
only genocide is unfurled.
The collectives miss their quotas,
basic supplies soon run short.
They solution? Need more power!
Always more and more and more…
To control human economies
is a foolish, unwise bet,
they seek control and haven't learned
to embrace the chaos yet.

The Utopian wants to build
a world where it's all worked out,
problems solved so none suffers,
no hate, no fear, and no doubts.
But what's ideal for a single mind,
assuming it can even exist,
is anathema to most others,
who soon stand up and resist.
Do they abandon the great dream,
or do they turn to anger red?
Usually that later, they haven't
embraced the sweet chaos yet.

The truth of it is that ideals
play a similar role to faith,
when one alone does rule the roost,
society slides into hate.
But when no one can rule it all,
when they must always compete,
they you have a state in which
men and women can live free.
Our Founders knew this long ago,
when they structured our county,
low-level chaos is no ill,
it's a damn necessity!

There is no equilibrium
in which mankind can freely live,
it's always been a push or pull,
some advance while others give.
It's the only way we get the space
to live goods lives by our own minds,
never to rule, nor to be ruled,
that's the contract free folks sign.
And all those checks and balances
that get partisans out-of-joint,
they're more vital than any belief,
those quirky rules are the whole point!

The ‘great future' that so many
think is just within our grasp,
never comes, and it never will,
it just gets good people gassed.
The chaos that freedom brings
is what mires up a tyrant's view,
it may slow down a few good things,
but that beats a sprint towards doom.
In fact the very slowness that
comes from many having their say,
is the only force that can prevent
all of us from being enslaved.

Nothing else has ever restrained
the endless march of tyrant creatures,
the mess of the chaos is no bug,
in fact it is quite the feature!
Is it messy at the wrong time,
does it occasionally annoy?
You bet it does, how could it not?
It's the spawn of endless choice!
From countless individuals,
what other outcome could there be?
But better a chaotic freedom,
then an ordered tyranny.

And if you're one who cannot live
Without ruling over others,
then this country is not for you,
best go out and seek another.

…you won't be missed.

Thursday, November 29, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: america,freedom,philosophy,political,rhyme
Flower Prince 29 November 2018

God's words are great. Embracing freedom is nice. Thanks for sharing...10

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