They Say They're Fighting Nazis Poem by David Welch

They Say They're Fighting Nazis

They say they're anti-fascists,
ANTIFA is their chosen name,
that they have to go fight Nazis,
on whom every bad thing they blame.
Though they've never described to me
who exactly these Nazis are,
or how fighting them requires
smashing up random people's cars,
Or destroying people's businesses,
we've seen it again and again.
they say they're fighting Nazis,
so why are the acting like them?

They rioted down at Berkley,
when a gay man came there to speak,
they proclaim that ‘words are violence, '
then left folks lying in the streets.
So many act of violence,
too many to possibly list,
so many they they've been declared
to be domestic terrorists.
Targeting those who disagree
with actions that none can defend,
they claim they're fighting Nazis,
and do so by acting like them? ?

And then there is the masking,
black rags drawn over their face,
makes it easier to avoid
being punished for all their hate.
Fighting in a mob like cowards,
yet believing it's justified,
since all to the right of Stalin
are fascists who ‘deserve to die.'
So if you hold a prayer rally,
you better be on guard, my friend,
they say they're fighting Nazis,
and do it by acting like them.

I've seen them attack journalists
just getting footage for their feed,
used liquid concrete and their fists,
gave the poor man a brain bleed.
I've seen them take crow-bars to the
head of a white-haired old man,
smashed people's skulls with bike locks,
how much more of this will we stand?
Somebody is going to die,
it's only a question of when,
these scumbags act like Nazis,
we should not tolerate them.

Saturday, July 6, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: conflict,criticism,how i feel,political,protest,rhyme,truth,violence
Julia Luber 07 July 2019

EXCELLENT poem! Really on target! Articulates something I often just have an uncomfortable visceral response to- and it's so much more important to be able to captivate this aggravation in a most exceptional poem. Thank You!

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Julia Luber 07 July 2019

somebody called me a '" last week for stating the parents of children sending them on month long treks through the desert should be supplying their children with soap and toothbrushes for the journey!

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Julia Luber 07 July 2019

really struck me because somebody called me a last week for expressing that the parents sending their children on the month long journeys from south of the border should be supplying their own children with soap and toothbrushes! I was very upset and confused!

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David Welch 07 July 2019

Glad you liked it, thanks for reading.

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